WIPWed #111: No Knitting

I have not knit a single stitch around here in days. But, the move went well and the cleanup of the old apartment is done and unpacking is in progress and work deadlines are becoming more manageable, so things are looking up compared to my last post.

In lieu of knitting, I’ll write about my current real-life-WIP: the new apartment we’re renting. Please excuse the crummy nighttime cell phone photos, they are all I have.

After painting the living room sage green (instead of poop brown), it was vastly improved. It’s a cozy pace that is a bit too small for the big bookshelf we have in there, so that will probably be moved in order for me to have a spinning corner again. The bathroom required no work, the benefits of moving in to an apartment that somebody owned (versus a complex) is that if they had excellent taste in fancy fixtures, you get to have nice sinks and shelves and counters and things.

The kitchen was a major attraction in this place. Lots of counter space, everything is new and pretty, and it is nice and open, in fact it’s centrally located to all of the rest of the rooms. The main drawback is that the tile floor is COLD! I am not used to tile flooring or a lack of carpets, and my poor freezing feet are suffering. I will need to invest in additional slippers this winter for sure. Not pictured is a little sun room / mud room off the kitchen that will serve as my office / Sweet Sheep headquarters. In one of the pictures, you can see into the second bedroom a bit, which is currently serving as the Fiasco’s Gaming Den.

The main bedroom is one we really like. It’s a good size and the owners had this crazy intense custom closet situation put in that takes an entire wall. That closet is great, but it is the only real closet in the place, besides a tiny coat closet that is also in the main bedroom. Thank goodness we have access to the basement or we’d never have space for all of our accumulated stuff. In fact, I’m still not quite happy that most of my yarn will have to live in the basement, I’m afraid of it getting damp/musty down there. We’ll have to see what we can manage.

And that’s the new place! There’s a backyard with a nice patio, too, that we’ll make good use of during the warmer months. Cold floors and tighter spaces and all, we’re happy to have moved. It feels much homier than our previous place and we’re hoping to settle in there for a good long while.

While I haven’t been knitting, I have been reading up a storm during my spare moments. I finished the first book in the Lord John sub-series of Outlander, but couldn’t access the rest from the library due to moving frenzy, so decided instead to re-read The Hunger Games series which I did in an alarmingly quick 5 or 6 days. Those books are still fantastic. Pickings were slim on my kindle so I read About A Boy, which was a marshmallow fluff of a story that probably makes a better movie. And now I’ve started A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens because it’s there and I’ve never read it. I have to hit up the library soon…

Hope you all are having good weeks! Linking up with Yarnalong and Stitch Along Wednesday.


10 thoughts on “WIPWed #111: No Knitting

  1. If you are a fan of The Hunger Games, yes, you probably will enjoy The Lunar Chronicles…the first book is Cinder….she is a cyborg Cinderella….all the books are based on fairy tales…there is Scarlet, Cress, Fairest (which is a prequel) and Winter….the world building is interesting…they are not fine literature, but entirely enjoyable…the love stories are really chaste, as the main characters are still teenagers Cinder is 16, Winter is 17, Scarlet is the oldest)


  2. Moving is so stressful. It would be much nicer if you could go away for a little rest and elves would come and move everything – fit it all into the spaces, find everything a home – so you could just get to do the nice things like finding a sunny spot to spin! I hope that you are soon settled in. In the meantime, enjoy the books! xxx


  3. that kitchen is nice and big! Looks like you have a good space. I’d recommend storing all your yarn in big ziploc freezer bags, so anything that is in the basement (smells, bugs, etc) can’t get into the yarn. I’m sure the basement is great, but it’s better to be safe.


  4. That kitchen. I would have been jealous if I hadn’t just moved to a place where more than one person can stand int he kitchen.

    And congrats on getting to a new place during such a busy part of the year.

    And I’m with you. I’d be really worried about having all the yarn in the basement. If the choice was between open air in bookshelves or in the basement, I would choose open air. I hope you can find something that works for you.


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