Exhaustion Doesn’t Cut It

The past couple of weeks have utterly worn me out. The Thanksgiving holiday weekend was fun but busy with lots of traveling. Then the following week was non-stop work for a very large deadline that is still somewhat looming over my head. Then this weekend we moved. Packing, moving, and unpacking rate very highly on my list of least favorite things, but my Fiasco is a magnificently talented moving master, so it all went smoothly. He and his brother and mom really put the hustle on and made moving as painless as possible. They’re wonderful and skilled in ways that I am not. In fact, my dear Fiasco single-handedly painted the new walls (who thought poop-brown was a good wall color?!) and painted over our old walls (goodbye teal, yellow, green) and cleaned the old place up without a finger lifted from me, as I’m still working on that damn deadline.


Sage green is SO MUCH NICER than poop brown.

I know, I’m lucky.

Needless to say, my knitting has suffered. I have yet to cast on the mittens I talked about 12 days ago, and the only thing I’ve done is a bit of ribbing for a Sockhead Hat:


This is the only project of which I’m currently certain of its whereabouts, since it lives in my purse. Everything else is in Tower of Boxes Limbo Land. It’s not a super interesting knit but I am really loving the yarn (a mediumweight Socks That Rock mill end) and it’s going to coordinate perfectly with my favorite bright blue fleece.

It’s interesting to see the split in bloggers’ attitudes towards the upcoming holidays. Some are in full-on confident gift knitting mode, aiming to knit a bajillion-and-0ne-things over the next month. Others are approaching the beginnings of panic mode, realizing that there are only so many hours in day. And still others express surprise that Christmas is less than 3 weeks away. I fall into the latter group, with a heap of ‘bah humbug!’ added in for good measure. I am probably just tired, but with all the running around recently, I can’t even fathom decorating or buying stuff for gifts. I swear, there’s nothing like moving and subsequently having to put away every single item in your possession to make you really, really sick of stuff. Bah humbug, indeed.

So I’m listening to a holiday playlist while I work in the hopes of turning my mood around and I’m actively trying to avoid scoffing at capitalist greed whenever I see/hear/read holiday ads. It’s part of why I didn’t participate in Black Friday or Small Business Saturday or BuyStuffSunday (I’m sure Sunday is called something) or Cyber Monday with Sweet Sheep. It all just felt too… contrived. Meaningless, and pushy, and not-the-point.

What do you do when you’re just not feeling the spirit?




9 thoughts on “Exhaustion Doesn’t Cut It

  1. I hear you. Lucky, lucky you with your Fiasco handling most of the moving! Hope that you manage to get some rest in the near future and restore those flagging energy levels. That will be why you don’t feel in the Christmas spirit. Here, it is anxiety about finding a way to pay the bills that is rather putting paid to feeling overly festive!


  2. Congratulations on your move. Eh, it’s only the beginning of December – you’ve got time to get into the spirit if you want to. I’m not a very Christmas-y person ever, to be honest, and I usually manage to enjoy it when it gets here, even if I try and ignore the ridiculousness beforehand.


  3. OK, now I understand why you don’t have much head space for blog comments!! You were super kind to comment on my brain stretcher post given these circumstances. I really think you are quite amazing, to still be upright and coherent! Rest well now!


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  5. It’s a tough time of year for sure- I can only imagine the extra stress of looming deadlines and a big move! Hang in there, your knitting will be there when the stress of all those things has passed.


  6. I suppose I embrace not feeling the spirit when I don’t, and enjoying the spirit when I do. I think you are just stressed. It will pass…. eventually.

    I don’t like participating in the Black Friday and following weekend of shopping, though. It seems forced to me. I may change my mind in the future.



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