Guess What’s In 10 Days?

I really have no idea how the holidays snuck up on me so stealthily this year. CHRISTMAS IS IN 10 DAYS. I’m rounding a little because in my family, Christmas Eve is the big gift-giving exchange. And in my case, we travel a few days beforehand, so I literally have 8 days to get my holiday shit together, counting today, which is basically over.

I have purchased maybe 20% of the gifts I intend to purchase, and wrapped 0% (but let’s face it, the Fiasco does all the wrapping because I have no patience for that kind of fuss). I’ve knit 40% of the WHOPPING TWO ITEMS I planned to knit. I’ve decorated 0% of our apartment, though to be fair, we’ve only lived in this apartment for 9 days and are already 75% unpacked so I still call that a win, if not for Christmas, than for general well-being.

And perhaps worst of all, I’ve gotten very, very few of my holiday plans for Sweet Sheep accomplished. Visions of whipped body butters and cuticle creams and pretty wooden soap dishes danced in my head, and none have yet come to fruition. I haven’t even had a chance to stock many of my holiday fragrances yet this season! I am attempting to remedy that this week, though, so keep an eye out for yummy lotion bars in Gingersnap and Jingleberry and Fresh Snow. I did manage, however, to get Peppermint Cocoa up and running.


Perfect for dry winter hands, this bar smells of  rich and decadent cocoa with a cooling hint of peppermint. Even better, I managed to make a few bars of this fragrance in my sheep-shaped goat milk soap, as well. Please note that Saturday, December 19th will be my last day of shipping before the holidays, then Sweet Sheep will be taking a little vacation from 12/20 – 12/28.


If you live in Rhode Island and need some last-minute gift ideas, you should check out Craftland in Providence. All of their gifts are handmade by talented artisans, and you can find a selection of Sweet Sheep lotions and sheep soaps there through the January, as well!

Now, back to those gift lists… sigh. This song by Straight No Chaser is still one of the bright spots of the season for me:


4 thoughts on “Guess What’s In 10 Days?

  1. The first thing I thought when you stated that Christmas is 10 days away is, “No it’s not.” But then I looked at the calendar and realized, “Yes it is.”

    We at least managed to send cards to all the grandparents….


  2. I always love your posts Alicia. Sorry that nothing is really getting done, but it sounds like life is really busy. Believe me I know the feeling.
    I have been using your soap and I LOVE it 🙂 Can’t wait to order more, after christmas probably.


  3. the holidays are totally sneaking up on me, too! and hey, you just moved, so it’s tough to get other things done during that time, it’s a huge thing.



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