WIPWed #113: New on the Needles

Thanks for all the congratulations and commiserations on my last post! It’s lovely to hear the experiences of mothers who have been there, done that, seen some crazy things, and gotten through to the other side. I’m still intending to write about the holiday gifts I made and the yarn I acquired, but the days keep slipping by and here we are at Wednesday Thursday already, so day-late WIPs it is.

Christmas Katniss Socks:


BMFA Tigger Targhee in Gnome for the Holidays. Click for project page.

The Katniss socks have been my main WIP lately. The cables are fun to work and show up pretty well even in this variegated yarn. What’s been really fun, though, is trying out the brand new Tigger Targhee yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Tina named it ‘Tigger’ since it is an exceptionally bouncy yarn. It’s so bouncy because its construction is fairly unique in the sock yarn market: it’s an 8-ply cabled yarn, made from 4 plies of 2-ply yarn that have been overtwisted and then plied together. All that ply twist means it has lots of spring!


Comparison of Socks That Rock LW (left) and Tigger Targhee (right).

This photo shows Socks That Rock LW and Tigger Targhee, side-by-side. STR is a traditional 3-ply yarn that also has lots of spring. Both yarns are roughly the same heavy fingering weight, so you can imagine how incredibly thin the 8 plies of TT must be. The colors on TT look a little more muted to my eye, likely because all of the twists break up the way light reflects. I’m looking forward to seeing how they feel when I wear them. Anyway, there’s your dorky yarn deconstruction for the day.

Skunky Fidra:


Verdant Gryphon Odyssey, colorway Atomic Skunk. Click for project page.

Continuing my recent hat streak, I’ve barely just begun the new bulky weight hat pattern from Gudrun Johnston, Fidra. It’s so pretty! So fluffy! Must have! I’m also still working on my Speckled Sockhead but that lives at the office so I have no recent photos.


My reading of late.

Two books have occupied my attention lately, one just for fun and the other for research. Mindy Kaling is hilarious (which should not surprise me since she wrote for The Office) and I love her current show The Mindy Project. Her book of memoir-like short essays and stories is quick and fun to read, highly recommend. The Baby Bargains book is essentially a resource where people did all the market research for me already, and just tell me what is best to buy. The authors base it on their own experience as well as feedback from thousands of their blog readers. It’s like reading all of the Amazon reviews for every product I could ever need all at once, without having to sort through the shitty ones that just say “this shipped very fast ” (DUH, IT’S AMAZON). It also clues you in on how to cut corners, stick to a budget, avoid expensive pitfalls, etc. I used their Bridal Bargains book during wedding planning and it saved a lot of sanity.

That’s it from me today! Linking up with Yarnalong and Stitch Along Wednesday.



10 thoughts on “WIPWed #113: New on the Needles

  1. My best advice, you don’t need every gadget or device on the market. Choose wisely, especially since you live in an apartment. Tripping over devices is not a way to bring up baby. Good luck!


  2. I adore Mindy Kaling. I just read your previous post. Such wonderful news on your pregnancy. But so terrible you are going through such an uncomfortable time. I was so sick and fatigued throughout my pregnancy I vomited everyday. Not the same as yours with the worry of the blood clot. Use this time to rest and catch up on your favourite books and tv shows. Slowly craft without stress and you’ll get through this. xx


  3. The thing I worry about with many-plied yarns is that they seem to lose their spring. I”m really curious to see how you feel about the sock after you’ve knit it.


  4. love your new WIPs, that atomic skunk looks so cool! Don’t buy too much baby stuff beforehand (or keep the receipts and boxes)- I didn’t need half of the stuff I had for my firstborn. Also, people give you waaaay too many baby clothes.


  5. Yikes! I somehow missed your last post. Congratulations! I am so sorry about all your complications. I didn’t love being pregnant — and I was perfectly healthy. Do take care of yourself. Nothing is more important!
    And I promise it will all be worth it.


  6. Yay! Knitting is happening! I love those Katniss socks, especially in that color. Forget Christmas, wear them all year. And while I don’t know alot about yarn types, that springy tiger sounds just amazing. I can’t wait to see your review of it later on! Happy Sunday!


  7. I totally agree with chrisknits–at one point I felt really overwhelmed by ALL THE THINGS I felt like I needed to research/purchase. Then I realized I could always buy stuff after the baby came and I realized I really did need/want it after all. It was so freeing to just focus on the basics and NOT worry about things like swings that are big/expensive/take up room that I wasn’t sure we’d really use.


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