Sock Sucker

I’ve been forced to accept this fact: I’m a sucker. A bonafide, can’t resist, don’t even try, total sucker for brightly-colored, brand new, Socks That Rock sock projects.

Sock Sucker | Woolen Diversions

Let me introduce you to sock WIP #19? 20? Who knows!

As we discussed in this week’s Inspiration Saturday post, I received the first shipment of the 2015 Rockin’ Sock Club yarn. Turns out, I was so enamored with it that I couldn’t wait to cast on. Rather than knit any of the myriad sock WIPs I already have on the go, or even wait until I got access to the pattern that went with the shipment, I cast on an old RSC pattern that I queued way back in 2011 and my goodness, do I love it. It turns out that Intrepid Traveler is a relaxing and zippy little pattern and I knit the entire cuff and leg of the first sock in one day. In an effort to curb my Second Sock Syndrome affliction, I’m going to knit this pair of socks sequentially: the cuff and leg of the first sock, then the cuff and leg of the second, then the heel of the first, the heel of the second, the foot of the first, etc. I normally get stalled out on sock projects at the trickier bits that need attention (like heels and toes) and sometimes I put the project down for so long that I completely forget what I’ve done by the second sock, and that stalls me further. I’m hoping that if I power through the easy bits on both socks at almost the same time, and address the tricky bits all at once, I won’t get so delayed. Think it will work?

Sock Sucker | Woolen Diversions

The socks I really should be knitting.

Meanwhile, my poor, patient Fiasco is giving me the side-eye because he still has not received his Christmas gift socks. I have been working on them (I swear!) but I’m coming to understand a bit more about my sock knitting hangups, and needle choice is certainly one of them. In an effort to tighten up my gauge so I won’t have to do so much mending in the future, I knit this pair with Kollage square metal DPNs, which it turns out I find to be mildly uncomfortable to use. They do, indeed, tighten up my gauge — to the point where the stitches can feel like a struggle and the fabric is more-or-less bullet-proof. That tightness is what I was going for, except I am realizing now that I don’t want to knit socks that are bullet-proof everywhere. I really only need the fabric to be so tight on the heels and soles. So in the future (and what I’m trying with my Tropical Traveler socks in the first photo) I plan to knit the cuff and leg on needles that are a comfortable size and material for easy, breezy knitting. Then I will switch to needles that give me a tighter gauge for the heel and foot. This should allow for a reduction in wear on the soles and also help prevent the unthinkable: sock legs that don’t stretch enough to go over the heel. (I still haven’t recovered from that one, sadly.)

Do you do any fancy finagling to get your socks to be just right? I’d love to hear how you reconcile knitting at a tight enough gauge to prevent wear-and-tear, with knitting comfortably (or is this just a problem for me?).

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15 thoughts on “Sock Sucker

  1. Huh. I’ve knit two socks at the same time, but I’ve never considered knitting socks sequentially! I’m pretty good (typically) at avoiding second sock syndrome, but I’m curious to know if this trick works!


  2. I actually haven’t had any issues with tears yet. But I know what you mean about the needles and such. My biggest issue with gauge is always the foot. No matter how hard I try, it’s always just *that much* too long… and then I find myself pulling on them constantly. Sigh.


  3. For me I have found experimenting with techniques and things help me find what I like best. I’ve discovered: toe up using magic loop on a US1 or US1.5 47″ cable. The socks have to be knit at the same time but on separate needles and cables. I do so much of a section on one and so much of a section on another until they are done.

    Also, no matter how I knit or what mods I did I always had a hole in the side of my socks until I started using the fish lips kiss heel (I’m a loyal convert now). Still trying to perfect my ideal bind off but I’m getting closer. For some reason my top down cuffs come out better but I prefer knitting toe up for some reason. Trial by error most days.

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      • I started with dpns but either got laddering or would drop stitches for one reason or another. It’s nice to know I CAN do it but I PREFER not to. For me: magic loop is easier, more convenient, and less hassle. But I highly doubt flk heel or other techniques are impossible on dpns but perhaps more fiddly.

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  4. I decided to work through the book The Knitter’s Book of Socks….I have trouble with sock coming out too big…they fall down…I have very skinny calves and feet….I just cast on the second pair…but I did finally finish my Hermione’s Everyday socks that I started in January 2013…they are huge on me..but another WIP is done….and I’ll probably through them in the dryer to shrink them up a bit…for me, it is a learning process….how can I get socks that fit my feet and stay up when I walk!


    • Sizing is always really tough. You may need to adjust your cast on number to better fit your calves. If you have thinner legs, then you may not need as many stitches, and also I would think a nice ribbed pattern will help with elasticity. Good luck!


  5. I love that yarn. If I was in that sock club, I’d be casting on every month. Like you, I have no idea how many socks I have on the needles.
    I’m a tight enough knitter that I don’t have a lot of trouble with socks wearing out. However, I am religious about only knitting socks with yarn that has some nylon in it!


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