WIPWed #39: Down to the Wire

If it isn’t one deadline, it’s another, amIright?! Malabrigo October Stockpile is ending tomorrow and I still have two projects on the needles that I’ve deluded myself into thinking I can finish before then (and there’s a third Mal project that I know will not be done, but that’s ok).

The first is my Aguas Ameliorates mitts:

IMG_5282The first is finished (sans thumb) and the second is about a third of the way there. I might have lost sleep last night to work on this. I might be a little silly but whatever, I’m going to have beautiful mitts when they’re done.

The second is a hat made out of my Malabrigo Nube handspun:

IMG_5285Yeah, I said hat. Doesn’t look much like it now, does it? I’m winging this thing, designing it on the fly, and it’s going to be a little funky. I’ve never designed with short rows before and this hat will have them. We will see how that goes!

Perhaps I’m feeling like I can get these done because I finished my Double Swag hat in Rios held double:

IMG_5265I love this hat, I think it’s really spiffy. The pattern for it will be written up and likely included in a collection I’m planning.

The clock’s a-ticking so I better quit blogging and get knitting. Check out Tamis Amis for more WIPs!

11 thoughts on “WIPWed #39: Down to the Wire

  1. The Double Swag hat is so cool looking! I would love to knit one for my son in his favorite colors red and grey. Deadlines are fun until they are a day away! At least you will have some awesome knits to show for it even if they aren’t done by tomorrow.


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