Phase 2: Cast On All The Things

Phase 1 of Malabrigo March was when we Junkies planned and dreamt and hoped our little hearts out. Phase 2 is when we give in to all our worst startitis impulses and simply cast on everything at once.

Malabrigo Rios, colorway Aguas

Malabrigo Dos, colorway Zinc

Malabrigo Rios, colorway Lettuce

Malabrigo Rasta, colorway Plomo

Aren’t they glorious, all in a row like that? Man, I love casting on new projects. (If only I finished them as quickly!) I’ll talk about them more later on, but you can find more details about the patterns here on my project pages, if you’re impatient.

One thought: Malabrigo Dos is amazing. AMAZING. It is a 50 gram/150 yard 2-ply sport weight yarn of the softest Merino wool I’ve ever felt. It was a test yarn so I’m not sure if you can find it for sale anywhere, but the off chance of possibly winning some of it in one of the Malabrigo March contests is enough to keep me motivated to finish my KAL projects, for sure.

An unrelated thought: if you have any Dos lying around that you don’t want, TELL ME I WILL TAKE IT. * ahem.*

A final thought: I did a bit of spring cleaning of the stash and have a mix of different yarns that I’m destashing on Ravelry. Please take a look and let me know if anything interests you! There’s a little bit of  Blue Moon STR, Bugga, Codex, KnitPicks, Madelintosh, and Malabrigo. If you’d like something, be sure to let me know that you read my blog and I’ll take $3 off the price just because you’re awesome. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Phase 2: Cast On All The Things

  1. DREAMY! They do look really spectacular all in a row like you have them pictured. I'm jealous of all your casting-on. I'm trying to knock a few projects out of the WIP pile… never as exciting as starting something new. 😀


  2. To be honest, seeing so many projects cast on at once made my eye twitch, that's a lot of work! But you always have so many projects going at once and handle them just fine, so they are sure to be done before we know it! Dos sounds wonderfully amazing! The colorway is fantastic as well : )
    Also, you are so right about the yarn I upcycled being perfect for a shawl, thank you for the inspiration!



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