FO Friday #13: Frantic Fracas

This week has been a bit hectic so I’ve only gotten a small bit of knitting done, but the knitting has been anything but frantic. It’s been quite perfect, actually.

Malabrigo Yarn Dos, colorway Zinc

These are my modified version of Hunter Hammersen’s Fracas Cuffs and my 2nd Malabrigo March FO. The yarn was positively dreamy to knit.

That, my friends, is what 2 plies of springy, soft, sport-weight heaven looks like. Revel in its glory, please.

The only thing fracas-like about these cuffs is how badly they’ve got me jonesin’ to knit with more Dos. See, I get like this. I love a yarn, then need to knit everything I can think of with that yarn, and I’m pretty happy that way. Then sometimes a new yarn catches my eye and I destash some (remember, $3 off if you’re a blog reader!) in order to justify frantically hoarding new yarn. But in this case, I’m at a loss because Dos is not readily available, it was a test yarn that may or may not ever really be produced, and I have a third of my skein left over and I MUST KNIT WITH MORE DOS. *ahem* So I had to beg and borrow, wheel and deal but finally one lovely soul is willing to trade her skein (of a different color, unfortunately) for some other yarn I had (see, who cares anymore?) and I suppose that will have to tide me over. Any good ideas for a cute cowl or scarf that uses 2 colorways of sport-weight yarn (~200 yards total)?

Enjoy some other FOs this week by clicking below!


4 thoughts on “FO Friday #13: Frantic Fracas

  1. You are so obsessed with that yarn! I'm definitely going to have to try it when it makes it to stores. I may also have to buy some in that lovely colorway, grays are just so enchanting!


  2. You and yarn sounds like me and food, I find something I like the taste of and I start eating it every day. And I always have to have extra around, because I never want to eat the last one and then be 'out'. So being in love with that yarn and not being able to get more would kill me! Hope you find the perfect project for it soon, and that it actually gets made more widely!



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