Guys–I pet a baby bobcat yesterday. As in a real live wild bobcat kitten! I’m still not sure what it was doing looking all angry in a box in the Marine Fisheries headquarters, but it was there and I pet it and it was superfuzzycuteomg.

I failed to take a picture but it looked quite a lot like this little fella:

Photo credit here

Except he wasn’t drinking from a bottle, he was making little hissy faces and clearly didn’t want to be there. I think he was abandoned and then found by one of the Conservation Officers. They’re sending him to a local zoo so he can safely grow up into this magnificent kitty:

Photo credit here

Meet Lynx rufus, the largest wild cat in Connecticut! And I pet one. Sometimes, low-paying seasonal jobs are pretty damn cool.

In other squee-worthy news, I have a sock pattern currently being tested and the testers are finishing up and their socks look amazing and the pattern is getting really great feedback and I’m super duper excited about that and can’t wait to release it. See? I had something knitting-related to say afterall…


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