Bearing Gifts

Not only did my wonderful weekend involve friends and wool festivals, but it involved an abundance of yarn-y presents, too, which I just have to share:

The Sanguine Gryphon lives again!

Katy brought me some blast-from-the-SG-past skeins of yarn that I absolutely adore. Two skeins of Codex (my all-time-favorite BFL wool/silk worsted weight blend) in the colorways And Sing Myself and Ella Minnow Pea, and a skein of Bugga in one of my favorite neutrals, Lord of the Flies. LOVE! 🙂 For someone who’s been showing great restraint in the yarn-purchasing department this year (if I do say so myself), gifts of yarn-y favorites are amazing.

She also gave me a Knitzi, which I’ve been coveting for a while:

Oooh shiny.

This little contraption is designed to hold your sock-knitting-in-progress so that the needles don’t slide out or poke through your knitting bags which happens to me all the time. They come in different sizes and in carved versions, as well. It’s really gorgeous in person, a pale cherry wood that is waxed so smooth it almost feels silky in your hands… which I know is a weird thing to say about wood, but it’s true! I love it. And look how well it holds my knitting:

Even prettier!

It’s perfect, and would be especially great with a simple sock for which I wouldn’t need to carry around a pattern because then I can just grab the ball of yarn and go, no knitting bag even required. Sigh…I love new toys.

What’s your favorite knitting gadget?


2 thoughts on “Bearing Gifts

  1. It's not really a gadget but I really like my interchangable needles. Whoever invented those was a genius, because they are so darn handy!
    The knitzi thing sounds like it would be nice to have, and fun too 🙂 Loving the yarn colors!



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