Mo’ Bugga, Mo’ Problems

If anything is the definition of a “first world problem” it’s this: I have way too many Bugga shawls/scarves in progress… and I want to cast on more.

So much Bugga, so little time.

Clockwise from the top:

  • The teeny tiny baby shawl is the start of my Color Affection shawl, for which I swatched earlier. The beginning of the pattern is easy peasy. I am not looking forward to the third section of the shawl when I will be juggling three balls of yarn, though. I love the look but I hate using multiple balls of yarn at once, which is why a couple of these other shawls stalled out. It’s also probably why I haven’t gotten too into colorwork yet. Well, that and not knowing how to knit continental style, since you need to use both hands. (Bugga colorways: Nude, Common Emerald Moth, Fierce Snake)
  • Next is my Snazzy Stripes Scarf, which you’ve seen before. This one is nice and simple, knit on the bias in plain stockinette, it’s good to pick up when I only have time for a row or two. (Bugga colorway: Grey Scalloped Bar Butterfly, Blue Lobster, Beyer’s Jewel Scarab, Northern Purple Gold Beetle)
  • The long one is my Taygete, which I’ve also discussed before. I started it in August 2011, but it’s been stalled for quite a while. The color combo is lovely, but I think I just lost interest in it. Too fall-like, not bright enough to hold my attention right now. It’s silly, really, because I know I’ll be all about it again when I finally reach the lace section. (Bugga colorways: Fig Eater and Dog Days Cicada)
  • The dark green one on the bottom is a real oldie: I started it in November 2010! The pattern is EZ 100th Anniversary Camping Half-Circle shawl and I’m using Skinny Bugga in the colorway Horseshoe Crab for it. The idea was to finish the shawl so I could wear it during my master’s defense (since I studied horseshoe crabs) but, like my master’s research itself, problems arose and it got postponed! I screwed up somewhere in the second lace section and haven’t had the mental energy/attention span to try to fix it yet. Perhaps that should be my goal for today…
  • The big brownish one is my Shaelyn shawl, knit with Bugga held double so it’s extra luxurious. I started this one in September 2011 and it is nearly done, the problem is I reached what might have to be the end because I’m nearly out of yarn and I’m not sure what to do about the edging. I wish there was a magical way to know how much yardage is needed to finish. If the yarn could talk, that would really help. (Bugga colorway: Painted Damsel)
  • Finally, the gorgeous blue one (still totally digging these colors) is the Flamboyan shawl I showed you before. (This is also the one that completely matches my sneakers, which I still think is awesome!) The only reason I’ve stalled out on this one is because I’ve gotten bored and I really hate the juggling/tangling thing. The rows are longer now, they’re just knit and purl, and the siren song of new colors and patterns is always hard to resist. (Bugga colorways: Box Jellyfish and Blue Ringed Octopus)

Speaking of new beauties, here are two shawls at the top of my Knit Me Next! list:

Photo from designer’s pattern page.

This is Glam Shells designed by Marisa Hernandez. I think it would make a fantastic summer shawl, and the main body portion looks like great take-along knitting. I have the perfect skein of Skinny Bugga waiting for it, too. I also love her Forbidden Flowers shawl. TOO MANY PRETTIES!

And here’s another one I just discovered today:

Photo from BellyLaughter’s project page, love the color combo!

The pattern is Cameo by Paulina Popiolek. It looks like it’s knit from side-to-side on the bias, and it would be another great one for playing with color combos. I like a bunch of Paulina’s patterns, I don’t know why I haven’t knit one yet…

Oh yeah, maybe because I already have about a dozen skeins of Bugga being turned into shawls right now. No matter how you slice it, that’s way too many! Those six shawls will be done by the end of the year if it kills me! And no new shawls until I finish at least one of them!

…Ok, maybe just Glam Shells. But after that no new shawls!

Does anybody else have this problem, or is it just me?


2 thoughts on “Mo’ Bugga, Mo’ Problems

  1. Wow, bugga must be a great yarn if you use it for everything! I wish I could get it around here. I don't have that exact problem, but I do have 3 scarves started with no intention to ever finish :/



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