May Socks

How did we get to May 9th already without discussing sock plans?!

May Sock Goals:

  • Maia socks (80% done)
  • Gone Fishin’ socks (75% done)
  • Lunacy! socks (1% done)
  • new sock design?

Appropriately, the first pair I’m aiming to finish this month was the May shipment of the 2011 BMFA Rockin’ Sock Club:

STR Lightweight, colorway Maia (which means May)

The pattern is Transition Point by Star Athena. It’s a more complicated sock than I’ve been knitting recently, I have to keep referring to the charts, which is why these have been on the needles for a full year! I usually like my sock patterns to be easy to memorize, but I couldn’t resist this one. There are twisted stitches and cables that travel all over the sock and seed stitch gives it a neat textural look. I think seed stitch (that bumpy looking part, for those who don’t know) tends to be underutilized, especially in sock patterns. I like the look! The best part of these socks is that they’re nearly done! That’s the second one of the pair. 🙂

The next up for finishing are my Gone Fishin’ socks:

STR Mediumweight, colorway On Blueberry Hill

This my own (free!) pattern, Ribby Holiday Socks, modified for sport-weight yarn. I will be updating the pattern to include this new sizing information. I’m learning a lot as I go with this whole designing thing, hopefully the patterns will keep improving with experience! I’ll be on the boat for the rest of the week so I should be able to bang these out fairly quickly, as this is the second of the pair, as well.

Finally, I made a teensy tiny start to my Lunacy! socks:

STR Lightweight, colorway Lunasea

Not sure if I’ll finish them this month but they’re still on my radar. This is the Dusty Corners pattern by Linda Welch that I’m knitting for a KAL (knit-along) in the Socks that Rawk!! group on Ravelry. Come join us, if you’re so inclined. It remains to be seen whether this pattern will be good boat/travel knitting or not. It involves some lacework and little 1-over-2 cables every other round for the whole sock… definitely need to cable without a cable needle on this one, or it would take forever!

Hmmm… that’s an awful lot of STR on the needles! Clearly, it’s my favorite yarn for socks. I love the colors, the feel of the wool, the twist, the weight, the drape, the stitch definition… and they hold up fairly well. I’ve had to mend a few socks but I don’t mind that so much. It’s worth it to me for a pleasurable knitting experience and result. What’s your favorite sock yarn?  Why?


2 thoughts on “May Socks

  1. Wish I could get STR yarn at my LYS. I don't have a favorite yet, simply because I keep trying new types. I really like your first pair, it does look complex, but oh so pretty!



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