It Was Him All Along

You know how frustrating it is when you just can’t find something? You know you had it, but you can’t remember the last time you’ve seen it, and you desperately want it back, but you have no clue where it could possibly be? I admittedly get that feeling a lot, usually for something small that I’ve put in a very obvious place, and the Fiasco prides himself on always being able to find what I’ve lost in about 2 seconds flat. In fact, he put finding-my-lost-things in his wedding vows, that’s how often this situation occurs. But this time, this time… I had lost my brand new favorite project bag, along with a nearly finished knitting project, for EIGHT ENTIRE MONTHS.


It is found, huzzah!

The last time I saw that thing was just after my wedding in July. I had knit up a bunch of lovely jewelry frames as gifts for my even lovelier bridesmaids, and I wanted to make one for myself with the leftover yarn. I searched high and low, on and off, for the last several months to no avail. I even put out a plea on Facebook to see if I perhaps left it in a relative’s car or something… nada. This weekend, the Fiasco decided to do a bunch of laundry and rearrange his closet and this morning, I found a trash bag he had placed near the bed filled with a few things including a purse and the missing project bag! How the heck this project ended up in a trash bag in the depths of his closet for 8 months, I’ll never know, BUT OH BOY, RICHARD, YOU’RE LUCKY YOU’RE CUTE.

It Was Him All Along | Woolen Diversions

Malabrigo Nube, colorway Persia.

In other news, I attended the monthly meeting of the Rhode Island Spinner’s Guild yesterday and learned how to make proper rolags with hand cards. I’d been fumbling along with a half-assed technique I had cobbled together from articles and videos, but it was something else altogether to have some watch me card and correct my form. Which is great, because carding has always been hell on my wrists and I’d suspected I’d been doing it wrong. Part of the problem is likely my super heavy, flat-backed hand cards that I’ve hated since day one. So I caved and ordered a new set of Strauch curved wool cards from The Woolery and am anxiously waiting for them to arrive so I can continue my Malabrigo March spinning project. I’m clearly insane, as I’ve decided to both card rolags and make a 4-ply yarn using longdraw drafting for this project, which has a deadline of the end of the month. But see how thinly the Nube is spinning up? That’s the thinnest I’ve ever spun on a wheel, and the combination of fluffy rolags and rhthymic longdraw is making me happy, so I’m going for it anyway.

So tell me, where is the strangest place you’ve found a previously lost item, and how long did it take you to find it?

(P.S. Please check out the bottom of Friday’s post for details about a Sweet Sheep product survey and giveaway I’m currently running, and thanks to all who have responded so far, you should have received your coupon codes via e-mail over the weekend!)

(P.P.S. This post contains affiliate links to The Woolery, an excellent spinning shop that I am happy to support. If you make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small percentage that goes towards the running of this blog, but all opinions are honest and my own. That said, check out this crazy sale on BFL fiber they’re having… $11 for 8 oz, must resist!)


18 thoughts on “It Was Him All Along

  1. I do sympathise, kids and husbands are so good at ‘losing’ things for us. My most recent strange place I found something though was all my own fault. I bought half a dozen eggs and used one. A week later I wanted to make toad in the hole, but couldn’t find the eggs. I looked everywhere I could think twice then and gave up. Next day, I found them on the book shelf in my office.


  2. I’ve definitely done the thing where I come in with a bunch of bags, including groceries, and other stuff. Run around putting away everything. Then lose something, spin around like a wheel top looking for it, only to find it in the freezer, or next to the pasta on the pasta shelf. (PS: ask Rich if he happened to put the 4 skeins of yarn I still can’t find into his garbage bag?)


  3. Hello blog world. The Fiasco has finally decided to chime in on something. I would like the entire world to know that I had no prior knowledge in regards to the location of the project bag, and if I did it would be a direct violation of our wedding vows (the first one). In conclusion, she is right. I am cute.


  4. I’m so glad that you finally found your missing project! I went on vacation to Costa Rica in December 2011, and hadn’t seen the swimsuit I’d worn there since. Lo and behold, a couple of months ago, my brother found it in the corner of our parents’ living room, still in a ziplock bag from the trip. Had it really been THREE YEARS


  5. Sorry! I hit post by mistake. Here’s the entire comment:

    I’m so glad that you finally found your missing project! I went on vacation to Costa Rica in December 2011, and hadn’t seen the swimsuit I’d worn there since. Lo and behold, a couple of months ago, my brother found it in the corner of our parents’ living room, still in a ziplock bag from the trip. Had it really been THREE YEARS since anyone re-organized the living room? It wouldn’t entirely surprise me, but that’s bad, even for us.

    That BFL is very tempting! I don’t think I want to get 8 oz of a fiber without having sampled it first. I do want a pile of relatively cheap fiber on hand to use to practice new techniques. I’ve heard Ashland Bay is good, and I know you’ve bought their products. I learned that one of the LYS’s in my area carries them, so I think I’ll check it out. Saving on shipping is always nice.


    • Thats hilarious! I was worried I had lost it on a trip or something but thankfully not. And yeah, I enjoyed the Ashland Bay Falkland I’ve worked with. Louet fibers are pretty reasonably priced, too, and have a nice carded prep if you want to play with long draw.


      • Long draw sounds awesome. It’s definitely on my list. In, you know, 2 months when I finish spinning my BFL. I’m 17 g in, 103 to go!


  6. Lost the gem out of my Native American hand made ring after my marriage, what is it with weddings? I had been playing fetch with the dog that morning and then after getting to work noticed it missing. Searched through the tall grass in the back yard in daylight and at night with flashlight. Never found it. Months later, can’t even remember now how long, I was decluttering my sewing room. As I was throwing things out in the hallway and walking in and out of the room I kept stepping on a button. Or so I thought. It was the gem stone!!! Hubster got it reset in a new setting and it’s been treasured ever since. Bought it for $50.00 and had it appraised at $300.00 later. It’s a huge Amethyst stone.


  7. oh wow, 8 months is a long time! I’m glad it turned up eventually. I’ve definitely misplaced things, but I’m particular bad at loosing skeins of yarn needed for a project. I never seem to put the rest of the yarn needed in a good spot!


  8. Such a funny story! And I love Fiasco’s response. 😀 I managed to lose the DVD player in our move. I hunted high and low – where on earth could it be?? Every box was opened and looked through. Nothing. It wasn’t until I opened up a storage box of yarn, looking for something else, that I found it… I totally forgot that during the move I had re-arranged the last minute packing and had stuffed the DVD in the yarn box as there was nowhere else to put it!


  9. LOL I have some funky rolags too, and I certainly can’t make smooth yarn from it. But I actually bought “punis” from Fondant Fibre. They are so amazing! I haven’t a foggy notion how she does it, but I’d love to take a class sometime to see how this is done. Good luck with the 4 ply, that is great!


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