The Best Gifts Are Handmade

Last week, the Fiasco and I drove up to Boston to spend New Year’s Eve with a couple of our closest friends and their adorable toddler. (My apologies for the lack of photos, she’s seriously the cutest thing.) We had what has turned into our typical, relaxed NYE celebration: yummy food, some champagne, knitting, board games, and barely staying awake long enough to watch the ball drop (all the while wondering who the heck all those newfangled pop stars are). This year, though, we were also surprised with a wonderful gift.

03-IMG_2174A whole group of our friends coordinated to knit us this gorgeous blanket as a wedding present. They each contributed a few squares, even ones who learned to knit in the past but don’t regularly do it anymore, and sent them to Bridgit for sewing up.


I adore the pattern and color palette they chose. Apparently, I made the choice of pattern easy by gushing about the Vivid blanket designed by tincanknits right around the time that my friends were coming up with this secret plan.

01-IMG_2170As you can see, the colors of yarn they used (Vally Yarns Colrain) coordinate perfectly with our couch and the tencel in the blend gives the fabric a lovely sheen. The project took a bit longer than they had expected and I can only imagine all the plotting and scheming that went on behind my back! I was wondering why everybody’s knitting production appeared to have halted. Whenever I asked them what they were working on I got such vague responses as “Oh, that alpaca sweater still” or “Some baby stuff” or “School’s been so busy I’ve barely knit at all” etc.

Dudes, we totally love it.

We love it so, so much. I don’t know if we can ever properly thank them. Handmade gifts are the best, as are our friends, and we’ll think of them every time we snuggle up under this blanket, and I love that.

What’s the best handmade gift you’ve ever given or received?


15 thoughts on “The Best Gifts Are Handmade

  1. Oh yes, handmade gifts are DEFINITELY the best. The most fantastic handmade things I’ve received are from my brother-in-law, a very skilled and talented cabinetmaker. He’s made me gorgeous engraved wooden pens, a whole set of spindles and special box to keep them in, even a handmade spinning wheel! I can never quite believe how lucky I am πŸ™‚

    That blanket is so lovely, you have excellent friends!


  2. Oh my gosh. That is the nicest gift ever. Really. Hmmm The best handmade gift I ever received? My mom has crocheted me a few scarves over the years, and sometimes my sister draws me pictures. So I guess that counts πŸ™‚


  3. You have good mates clearly…enough for a blanket! That is a gift in itself and a gift that gives is a wonder. Enjoy your wonder blankie.


  4. The blanket is beautiful! Some ladies I knit with during my commute and I are knitting a similar blanket for a train buddy of ours who is retiring in a couple months. I think it’s a really great way to give a gift as a group.


  5. You guys are definitely blessed with some wonderful friends!! How thoughtful and such a beautiful blanket! The best hand made gift I’ve received has to be the zombie quilt my grandmother made me recently πŸ™‚



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