FOFri #32: Finally, Some Yarn!

I recently realized that I had not really sat down to spin at my wheel all summer long. All summer! I was busy playing with new spindles (and planning a wedding and starting a business and whatnot) but still, my last full skein of handspun was finished way back in April, and that was unacceptable. So I finished some yarn.

FOFri #32: Finally, Some Yarn! | Woolen Diversions

Some yarn! Click for handspun page.

This fiber was 4 oz of luscious BFL (truly one of my favorite spins) dyed in a gorgeous Teal Tonal colorway by Three Waters Farm. I spun it in what appears to be my default wheel spin: from the fold, counterclockwise (S twist), all in one single that was then chain-plied clockwise (Z twist).

FOFri #32: Finally, Some Yarn! | Woolen Diversions

Dusky, dusky teal.

I ended up with a roughly worsted-ish weight (sorry, I was a bad spinner and measured neither yards per pound nor wraps per inch) skein of 196 yards. I love the dusky tealness of this skein so hard and think it perfectly pairs with another skein of handspun BFL.

FOFri #32: Finally, Some Yarn! | Woolen diversions

Two skeins in love.

I think they go together rather smashingly, don’t you? My intention was for the teal to tone down the electric green a bit. I’m not sure what I’ll make with them but I’m envisioning a squishy cowl or a small, kerchief-y shawlette (suggestions welcome!).

FOFri #32: Finally, Some Yarn! | Woolen Diversions

The remaining wheel WIPs.

In light of my accomplishment (and the approaching Spinzilla week), I took a good, hard look at my remaining wheel WIPs. I have three different projects currently tying up my bobbins:

  1. Earthy Bubble Crepe: This project involves spinning two thin singles in the opposite direction from each other and a third thicker single. The thick single is then plied with one of the thin singles at twice the plying twist. The resulting 2-ply is than plied with the other thin single in the opposite direction to make a really fun crepe yarn. I am approximately 60% done with this spin, there is still some merino to spin into a fat single and much a of one braid of merino/bamboo/silk blend left for one of the thin singles (the three central bobbins in the photo above).
  2. Loop! Bumps 2-ply: This spin is fairly straightforward. I’m spinning one Loop! bump into a fine, continuous single and will spin a second similar-but-with-shorter-color-repeats Loop! bump into its own single and then will ply the two together. I’m predicting a fractal spinning type effect of the colorways combined, without having to do any of the actual splitting up. I’m only about 30% done with this spin as I still have to finish the first single (bottom right in photo).
  3. Super Silky Spring Fever: I began this spin in a fit of I-can’t-resist-the-pretty-colors-any-longer! This involves 8 oz of a gorgeous Merino/superwash Merino/tussah silk blend from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. My plan is to split it into 3 equal parts and attempt my first true 3-ply sock yarn. I’ve really only just barely begun this one (bottom left in photo).

Miss Babs Merino/bamboo/silk in Highlands.

Considering that crepe yarn has been in progress since last October, I set straight to work on the final thin single. Yay, motivation! Let’s see how long I can ride this wave…

What have you finished this week? What’s your longest running work-in-progress (spinning or otherwise)?


6 thoughts on “FOFri #32: Finally, Some Yarn!

  1. I wish I could say I’ve finished something this week, but I haven’t! Those finished handspun look gorgeous, I love your default way of spinning, it looks even but not too even, if that makes any sense. Looks like you have some gorgeous things remaining to spin up too!


  2. Crepe yarn! I never knew the term for it before. My immediate thought was that the electric green and teal would be a perfect color combination for Catkin, but it probably calls for a bit more yardage than you have.

    As for my longest-running WIP… it would probably have to be that damned pair of socks that I started in 2012. I’ve done enough knitting to produce two or three pairs by now, yet all I have to show for it is a cuff.


  3. How do you keep track of all of those spinning WIPs, it would drive me crazy! But i love your finished skeins and I think they would make a lovely striped cowl or shawl. Or scarf. or Hat. Or sweater (ok maybe not). Can you see me envisioning stripes!? haha.



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