WIPWed #60: Post-Wedding WIPs

I am ever-so-slowly easing my way back into a normal routine after the whirlwind of the past weekend. Things are definitely a bit off-kilter as I’ve been in bed by 10 pm each night (that’s about 3 hours earlier than normal!) and still wicked tired during the day… methinks my body has some serious catching up to do! The Fiasco-Hubs and I have been slowly putting the house in order (mostly him, since I’ve been at work) and are gearing up for our honeymoon in a couple of weeks. Crafting has been creeping back into my daily life, similarly slowly but surely.

Secret Swatches:


BMFA Marine Silk Sport, colorway Oceana. Click for project page.

Since the wedding is over, this project doesn’t need to remain a secret anymore. I’ll give you all the details on Friday but for now I’ll just say that after making six of these babies for my bridesmaids, I couldn’t resist making one more for myself. Thankfully, the knitting is fairly quick and I expect to finish it before I’m totally sick of it.

Simply Royal:


BMFA Superwash BFL Fingering, colorway Royal. Click for project page.

These are the simple stockinette socks I started for my sanity just before the wedding. I plan to hold off knitting these a bit so I can take them on our honeymoon trip. The bright colors and easy knitting should make for perfect travel knitting. I just love how this colorway is knitting up, I’m somehow getting both stripes AND flashing/pooling! It’s a neat effect.


If you’re in the BMFA Rockin’ Whorl Club and don’t wish to have the June shipment spoiled, look away!





Metallic Yak/Silk:


BMFA RWC Yak/Silk (50%/50%), colorway Metalocalypse.

I was delighted by the recent shipment of the Rockin’ Whorl Club. The 50% yak/50% silk fiber is freaking amazing. No joke, it is a soft, silky dream to touch. I decided I needed to start spinning it immediately. However, I didn’t love the reds and indigos, it felt too primary with all that gold, so I split the 8 oz braid into color sections. All the reds and dark blues and some of the golds were separated out and I was left with 4.7 oz of just the golds, greens, and aquas to spin right now.


Tour de Fleece spinning, woo!

This project will be my Tour de Fleece spinning, although I have very low expectations about actually finishing anything this month. However, I do plan to take my little Jenkins Aegean with me to Costa Rica and am looking forward to spinning this delicious fiber on a Caribbean beach, so you never know! My goal is just to finish spinning the 4.7 oz of this fiber into singles. Since it’s spinning up quite thinly, I doubt I’ll actually finish, but nobody can say I didn’t try!

What are you working on this week? Check out more WIPs at Tamis Amis.


4 thoughts on “WIPWed #60: Post-Wedding WIPs

  1. I couldn’t resist clicking through to see the project page for the secret swatches – and I recognize the beautiful dragonfly-like stitch pattern from one of your previous posts. Now I’m incredibly curious! Can’t wait to hear all about them.

    Oh my goodness, the yak/silk roving looks absolutely gorgeous. I’m knitting a lace project with 50/50 yak/silk at the moment and it is just delightfully soft and sleek to the touch. I think you did the right thing in separating out the colors – it’ll be fascinating to see how the different color groups spin up.


  2. Your projects are looking lovely.

    Love that you split the roving into the colors that you wanted to spin. I’ve got one bump of roving that I’m not in love with and haven’t done anything with. Separating out the colors I didn’t like seemed like defeat but you’ve given me another perspective. Thanks!


    • It’s definitely not defeat! That’s part of what I like so much about this club: I receive colorways that I’m maybe not thrilled with but there are large enough amounts that I don’t feel bad about mixing and matching and experimenting as needed. It all becomes part of the fun!


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