Failure Is Humbling

Y’know, I really thought I was going to make it for this Gryphon Games challenge, at least with one project (I always knew multiple entries would be unachievable). I figured since I was halfway through the lace edging chart of my Deep, Dark Stellaria shawl, two weeks would be plenty of time to finish and enter it into the WIPs category. I failed to consider two things: 1) I cast on more stitches and modified the shawl to make it deeper, which also meant much longer rows by the time I hit the lace section and 2) I didn’t even consider the possibility of mistakes.


Trouble spots.

It’s difficult to tell in the photo, but the lace in the box on the left does not match the lace in the box on the right. I seem to have missed some yarnovers somewhere and have completely lacked the time and mental energy to figure out where I went wrong and how best to fix it. I’m definitely not going to frog back entire rows, I’ll have to drop down stitches and MacGyver some sort of solution, but that takes effort and I have sadly not had time for it**. Thus, while finishing by 3pm today would’ve been a close call to begin with, it’s now an impossibility. Sigh.

But then I thought to myself, “No matter! At least I’ll get to turn the heel on these socks this weekend so they’re ready for easy, portable knitting during the week.”


Yet another mistake!

I’m not sure if I should blame lack of decent note-taking on the first sock or lack of proper attention on the second sock, but now that I’ve turned the heel it’s become apparent that these two socks will not be the same. The instep of the first sock begins and ends with a purl column while the instep of the second sock begins and ends with a knit column. The Fiasco thinks I should just finish them because I’ll be the only one who knows. However, I’m a super strict stickler for symmetry and logical flow in patterns and this oversight will likely drive me nuts.

Some days, man, you just can’t win. My solution? I’m going to go wind yarn for an entirely new project and give these suckers a little time out.

** The reason I’ve been lacking knitting time involves a bunch of errands (boring) but ALSO (the exciting bit) on Friday night we saw Alton Brown live on his Edible Inevitable tour — and it was awesome. I’m a huge fan of his Good Eats show but had no idea what to expect on a live tour — I mean, a cooking show? On stage? But it wasn’t really a cooking show. A little bit of cooking happened but it was mostly Alton being hilarious and playing music (the man can play the sax like nobody’s business). While it’s hard to describe, I definitely recommend it if you like his style.


10 thoughts on “Failure Is Humbling

  1. Now, I’d leave the socks as is. Who is going to look that closely at your foot? The shawl is harder. I’d probably frog that, too. Although, rather than frogging, I tend to put projects into hibernation — which explains my long list of WIPs!


  2. Alton Brown live would be awesome. I am sorry you are having issues my friend, I am sure a nice long time out will do the trick. I can’t wait to see what you decide to knit next!


  3. I’m with you…even if I convinced myself to keep knitting those socks, every time I saw them it would bother me. I’m currently dropping two stitches back 89 rows and reweaving them both back up because I purled instead of knit those two stitches. I’m a bit of a perfectionist!


  4. My rule of frogging is if you are going to spend more time wearing it than knitting it, then you frog. Otherwise you are going to spend every minute thinking about the mistake when you wear it. I ignored a problem once and now never wear the project.


  5. Those projects definitely deserve their time-out! For me, lace knitting always seem to be a troublemaker.
    And the Alton Brown sounds awesome! My hubby and I are fans, so I’ll have to check out his tour schedule.


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