IS #6: Giving

This week’s Inspiration Saturday post was inspired by a gift.

Catalina Baby Alpaca Worsted

What you see above is the first wearable item my mom has ever crocheted! She tried knitting years and years ago when I first got into it and was entirely unsuccessful. She knit a “square” that was so misshapen that when folded in half, it looked like the perfect winter garment for a particular part of the male anatomy (think about it). While highly amusing, it was a frustrating experience for her and she basically gave up on crafting. Then I tried getting her into crochet, since it was a bit faster to do and I thought maybe she would enjoy handling just one hook and one stitch at a time better. She liked it and made a few things for around the house, but she couldn’t do it perfectly so she wasn’t happy with it and she almost quit. But, while I was home over Christmas, I showed how to use Craftsy and she signed up for Vickie Howell’s crochet class— which was just what she needed to make it all click for her. Sheย  sent me this scarf as a gift, her first really successful project, because she said I inspire her. I love it.

She used a soft, alpaca yarn and it feels really nice. It is also the first handmade garment anybody has ever given me, which when considering the vast numbers of handknit items I gift every year, is a little bit sad! (Somebody make me stuff! haha) But I love that she gave me her first project and I will wear it with pride and admiration of how she didn’t give up, despite genitalia-shaped first attempts at yarncraft.

If you happen to be feeling in a giving mood, Afghans for Afghans is running a quick campaign for hats, mittens, and socks for teenagers (ages 14-21). The small or medium size of my free Giving Comfort hat pattern would be perfect for this and knits up quickly in bulky yarn or worsted weight held double, which many Ravelers have done. The deadline is tight (January 24th) but you can whip up a hat or mittens in under a week, I bet!

Speaking of tight deadlines, anybody feel like test knitting something quickly? (UPDATE: I think I have all the help I need for now, thanks guys!)

Sneaky peeky!

The test knit requires less than 100-150 yards of one colorway and aboutย  75 yards of another of heavy worsted or aran-weight yarn. You only knit with one colorway at time and it’s an item for your neck region. Please email me at shoelaceswitcher at gmail dot com or leave a comment saying you are interested in testing if you can finish the knit and post a picture on Ravelry by January 22nd (I know, I know! but I promise this is quick, especially the small size). If you could help a knitter out, I’d be eternally grateful. Plus, I can send you some yarn to knit it with (Malabrigo Twist) if you can guarantee you will be done in time! (Twist is my favorite yarn ever, so that should tell you how grateful I would be for your help…)

If you’re feeling inspired this week and would like to share, please link along below!


13 thoughts on “IS #6: Giving

  1. Aww, that is just awesome. And now you can add “inspiration” to “rock star designer” right there on your list of achievements. Cheers to Mom for making a super cute scarf, too!


  2. I love your mom's scarf, it's gorgeous. My mom has made me a couple scarves over the years also, she crochets too! I wish I had time to help out, but I don't think I do right now. But I can't wait to see the pattern when it's done ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Ahahaha, kudos to mom for overcoming her adult-themed beginner's snafu! I might be able to help you out with the test knit, I haven't gotten to try Malabrigo Twist yet. I e-mailed you!


  4. I just read about this new meme of yours on Ravelry & I think it's a great idea! I've been shopping around for a new meme/theme/regular posting idea to mix up the blog a bit for 2013, and I like this idea. I've done link ups in the past & etsy treasuries, so this fits in but yet is something a little bit different!


  5. There's nothing like handmade gifts! I remember when my mom first learned to knit, and she made me a washcloth with a sheep pattern on it. It was so heartfelt and appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, I'm super-excited to see your new design!



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