Back in the Saddle

It feels like it has been quite some time since I’ve made any lotion bars, what with June and July being consumed by the wedding and honeymoon. However, it’s about to be All Sweet Sheep, All The Time around here and I got the ball rolling this past weekend whipping up a few batches of scents that had sold out.

Sweet Sheep Body Shoppe Coconut Lime Lotion Bar

Coconut Lime – get it while it’s hot!

I spent much of Sunday brainstorming new scents to develop for a fall lineup. I’ve decided to split the year up into three scent seasons: January – April (late winter and spring), May – August (spring and summer), and September – December (fall and winter). This means that I’ll soon be phasing out some of my more summery scents (keep an eye out for sale info soon). And I’m starting to get super excited about cooking up batches of lotion bars with names like Apple Butter, Autumn Fig, and Gingersnap (to name a few).

Vending on August 17th in Swansea, MA.

Vending on August 17th in Swansea, MA.

We have not one, but TWO vending opportunities this month. The first is this Sunday, August 17th, from 10 am – 4 pm at Venus de Milo in Swansea, MA. This craft fair is a fundraising benefit to help a young woman go on a mission trip. (If you wish, you can donate directly to her cause here.) I hear that kiddos will also have a chance to get their photos taken with Queen Elsa from Frozen, so that’s pretty awesome.

Coventry Regional Farmer's Market

Logo snipped from their webpage.

Our second vending opportunity will be the following week during the Honeybee Hullaballoo at the famous Coventry Farmer’s Market. This event runs from 11 am – 2 pm on Sunday, August 24th in Coventry, CT. The Fiasco and I used to live right down the road from this market and we dearly miss it, so we’re super excited to be vending there! Please do come by and visit Sweet Sheep in the wild, we’d love the chance to meet you and help you find just the right lotion bar fragrance.

What’s your favorite autumn or winter fragrance? What scent gives you that cozy, cooler weather, holidays-on-the-horizon feeling?


Carrying On

Oh boy. I can’t even describe the kinds of busy things have been over here. Suffice it to say: SO BUSY. Busy enough that fewer than 6 hours of sleep a night has been the norm. Busy enough that I haven’t seen the floor of my office or the surface of my kitchen table (things everywhere!) in days. Busy enough that I’ve become a well-oiled (mwahahaha, see what I did there?!) lotion-making machine.


Preliminary booth setup.

There have been 15 batches of lotion made this week, and 150 lip balms last week. There has been a brief-yet-wonderous appearance on the Yarn Harlot’s blog. There have been last-minute, rush orders of cardboard cupcake stands placed. There have been emergency trips to Michael’s and JoAnn’s. There maaaaaay have been some tears and a little tantrum due to exhaustion and frustration (but we’ll move right on past all that). There will yet be extremely-last-minute crafting of signs and display information… but I’m still hoping for an early bedtime.

This show will happen, and it will be wonderful, rain be damned. If you’re in New England, take a little trip over to Bristol to check out the Rhode Island Sheep & Fiber Festival at Coggeshall Historic Farm tomorrow (Saturday, May 17th). The rain should clear up around noon and I promise it will be awesome. Plus, you’ll get to smell all my lotion scents in person! (Which would be worth the drive, I swear.)

There will be no Inspiration Saturday post this week as I’ll be working my tail off vending. Wish me luck! 🙂