Less Blogging, More Knitting

While I might be blogging less than I’d like, I am managing to knit more than I have been! And thus I am rewarded with a finished thing.

This cowl is the Skye Boat Cowl pattern by Judy Marples (I love basically everything she designs) and the ridiculously pretty yarn is some long-gone Verdant Gryphon Zaftig (worsted weight merino/cashmere/nylon) in the Burying Beetle equivalent colorway. I used two skeins and the cowl is a comfortable length to wear draped around the neck, it won’t work doubled up, but the fabric is tall/wide enough that it’s still cozy and warm. The yarn is so squishy and delicious, and the variegated colorway works great with the the stitch pattern.

I also really like that the stitch pattern looks great on the wrong side, as well. The slipped stitch ribbing makes a nice edge, and the three-needle bindoff is a simple finish. Basically, I loved everything about this knit. I actually finished knitting it months and months ago but took a long time to get up the motivation to block it, bind off, and weave in ends. Turns out it’s a lot harder to find time, energy, and floor space for finishing projects when you have a toddler.

Oliver is 15.5 months old now and is a ridiculous amount of fun. He’s a big fan of walking everywhere himself now, exploring outside, and scooping things up with spatulas and spoons. Being his parent is getting more and more fun as he’s getting older. I looooooooved the tiny helpless newborn stage but I don’t think anybody would call it fun. But now there are regular tickle fights and games and goofy gestures and so much dancing and many, many books. He even says “mum mum” in this sweet little voice and I’m reasonably sure he’s referring to me and not the cats. It’s amazing.

Work has been insane since about July, when a coworker left and I took over his projects and it’s been deadline after deadline after deadline. There have been many late nights and weekends working. So many that the Fiasco and a good friend of mine and Oliver and I are escaping for a weekend trip to go to Rhinebeck in < 2 weeks. This knitter needs a vacation and Rhinebeck is the perfect little escape to remind me that I am a creative person who might someday have time for hobbies again. I have an modest yet ambitious goal of finishing spinning that pink yarn that’s been on my wheel/spindles since (hold onto your hats) $%@#ing 2014 and knitting myself a pussyhat with it, since I’ve knit many for others but none for myself. We’ll see if I actually manage it in time…

Are you going to Rhinebeck, or another fiber festival? Do you have any project goals?


7 thoughts on “Less Blogging, More Knitting

  1. That is a really lovely cowl, no matter how long it took. As always, you have a cute, amazing little excuse for being a slow knitter.
    Always fun reading your blog!


  2. The cowl looks great. I thought it was a Cephalopod color way when I first saw it, but now knowing what it actually was.

    I’m so glad you are going to Rhinebeck! I tried to last year and was unsuccessful. (Our vacation days had to go to a wedding instead) One year I’ll make it.


  3. I went to VT S&W a couple weekends back. We got to pet SO many goats. A+, would goat again. 😀 I didn’t actually buy any yarn (though I was sorely tempted by some of Dirty Water Dyeworks’ wares), but I did buy a needle felting kit for a little dragon tapestry. Currently working on knitting a blanket for myself, but the urge to switch to needle felting for a while is getting stronger by the day.

    Oliver is so cute! I love seeing all his adventures on Instagram. And that kid can rock a hat like nobody’s business! 😀


    • Oh man, I have an eye on a DWD mini skein set for a Toolbox Cowl that she just posted in her Instagram feed. Which is stupid, b/c she’s freaking from RI, I could buy her stuff at literally any show I go to or vend my stuff at. BUT THE PRETTY COLORRRRRS!

      He really does look good in hats, doesn’t he?! ❤

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