WIPWed #124: Actual Knitting Content

As I mentioned in my come-back post last week, I’ve finally managed to work on some knitting while juggling my 5-month-old. By the by, props to the people who teach themselves to knit while they’re pregnant or after the baby arrives, I don’t know where they get the energy for that. I’m a seasoned knitter and when I was pregnant, all I wanted to do was sleep. And now that the Hatchling is here… sleep is still a hot commodity. However, he’s starting to settle into a routine and I’ve finally weaned off pumping in the evenings which means I get occasional hands-free time to dally with yarn again. Yay!

Green Gathered


Cephalopod Yarns Traveler, colorway Wolcott . Click for project page.

This photo is something of a lie as this hat is done and has been worn already, but I haven’t had a chance to take good finished photos yet so I’m still calling it a WIP. 🙂 The pattern is Gather by tincanknits and I loved it. The stitch pattern is easy-peasy but fun to work. I knit the toddler size for my kiddo because he has a big head and it fits perfectly with some stretch for future growth.

Wine Toast:


Verdant Gryphon Zaftig, colorways Kiss of Cabernet and Russian Something-or-Other. Click for project page.

Speaking of easy-peasy, this project couldn’t be simpler. I’m knitting the Toast armwarmers by Leslie Friend, which are basically just plain stockinette tubes knit in the round. I often wear 3/4 length sleeve sweaters to work and my arms get cold, plus I’m always warmer with my wrists covered, so these will be a big luxurious (worsted weight Merino-cashmere-nylon yarn, yum!) treat for me. I’m making them a bit longer so they go all the way to my elbow, wider to accommodate my larger forearms, and adding a thumbhole (but no actual thumb) so they can also serve as fingerless mitts when needed.

Hatchling’s Sky Blanket:


O-Wool O-Wash Fingering in various colors. Click for project page.

I’ve been making very slow progress on my Sky Blanket (<– scroll to the bottom of that post to read the history of this particular project). In summary, I’m knitting 360 square that represent the sky each day (minus 5)  in the first year of the Hatchling’s life. That strip represents the first couple of weeks in July. HAHAHAHA I’m soooooo behind. The worst part is, I stopped recording the weather during the first couple of weeks in November, at least before that point I’d had everything written down. So now I’m going to have to get creative with the almanac or something to figure out what to knit for the missing dates. I WILL COMPLETE THIS BLANKET.

Is there a particular project you’ve been dragging your feet about? Holiday knitting, perhaps? Speaking of, check out the Knitter’s Gift Guide on the KnittedBliss blog. It’s a great collection of gift ideas, including a little shout out to my Sweet Sheep Body Shoppe sheep-shaped soaps in the stocking stuffer section (sooooo many S’s in that sentence)!



9 thoughts on “WIPWed #124: Actual Knitting Content

  1. Yeah, I quit knitting during pregnancy because it just made my hands fall asleep. And she was 2.5 before I came back to it. I am amazed at how much you are getting done!


  2. Oh, I love the little hat that is no longer a WIP, and the arm warmers sound really useful. As for the blanket – I bet you could email your local TV weather person and ask for that missing info, I bet they have it, and how often are they asked for really useful info (you know, like an accurate forecast?) 🙂


  3. Ooooh, that green CY is giving me major yarn lust!

    My WIP that I keep procrastinating on is my Hue Shift afghan. I finished the third quadrant last week, went to start the 4th, and screwed it up. It’s not un-fixable by any means, it’s just a pain in the ass that I don’t want to deal with. Compounding things is the fact that I’m getting dangerously close to running out of all 10 of the colors. The closer I get to the ends of the skeins, the more pressure I feel to do everything OMGPERFECT so that I can maybe win the yarn chicken situation.


  4. It’s funny how when a project isn’t making any real progress, you have time to take pictures, but when it is finally done… no time, no pictures! I’ve got my knee highs that I’ve tried to take in progress pictures of and I’ve been interrupted in the most ridiculous ways. (As in I went outside, took off my socks, was about to put on the in progress knee highs when Connor called from Japan. Hard to talk and take a picture with the same phone…)

    But I’m with you in the “I’m so behind on an important project” front. My daily comic desperately needs some attention.

    You are doing fantastic, regardless of all the WIPs around. Your most important daily project is thriving.


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