Little Peanut

We’ve just returned from being thoroughly showered with love for our pending Hatchling. We are quite lucky in that we are having several showers, this one was thrown by my family on Long Island. It was a busy weekend full of lovely details.

My mom went nuts for the elephant theme, and it was super adorable. I told her there was no theme for the baby’s room or anything, but she saw me buy a cute elephant toy box once… and that was that. 🙂 There were elephant invitations, elephant cake, elephant confetti, centerpieces made of blue elephant pails holding peanuts, elephant toys as gifts, and soaps labeled with little elephants for favors. SO MANY ELEPHANTS.

She also gave us a ‘baby’s first’ onesie for every holiday of Hatchling’s first year! Beginning with the 4th of July, this baby will be appropriately decked-out for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and his first birthday. I thought this was such a sweet idea.

I had a bunch of fun spending some quality time with the nephews I don’t see nearly enough, snuggling with Logan and getting silly with Liam (both also known as Batman, they wore those capes all day).

As soon as we got home we sorted through all the lovely gifts we were given. The Fiasco got right down to it and built the crib and changing table, and now our office/baby room looks MUCH more like an actual nursery. And even though it won’t be used for a couple more months, I couldn’t resist putting together this sweet little sheep-y bounce chair because it’s just about the cutest thing on Earth.


Black Trillium Fibre Pebble Sock gradient in Pease. Click for project page.

I also couldn’t help myself and started a new project for the trip. I made good progress on a fingering weight Newborn Vertebrae open-front cardi for the Hatchling. I think it’ll be super cute in the gradient and a lightweight way to keep him warm over the summer if/when needed.

And that was my weekend! Hope yours was lovely, too.


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