Kylie Gusset on Sourcing Ethical Wool

I’ve never ‘reblogged’ a post before but this one is so important, I hope you check it out.


Good afternoon, WOVEMBERISTS! Today we have an important BONUS POST from Kylie Gusset, creator of the awesome Ton of Wool project. This afternoon she speaks about sourcing ethical wool and several issues for us to better understand as consumers of WOOL.

How Climate Change Is More Painful Than Mulesing Ever Was.

When we talk about sourcing wool from credible, ethical sources one of the first words to enter the discussion is mulesing. However in terms of the health of animals, planet and people, there is a far more insidious and less well-known problem: Chinese processing. I really wanted to write about mulesing for Wovember because as consumers, we need to be able to make buying decisions with our eyes wide open.

Mulesing: “The process of removing folds of skin from the tail area of a sheep, intended to reduce fly strike.”

I don’t think I’ve seen another word as divisive…

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3 thoughts on “Kylie Gusset on Sourcing Ethical Wool

  1. I had no idea that super wash wool was coated with plastic. I don’t mind hand washing my socks, but I know that it is going to be harder to find yarns from indie dyers that aren’t super wash. It is good information to have and I think I will work on converting my stash.



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