Soft or Scratchy?

I am highly amused by the different ways with which the Fiasco and I perceive fiber.


Brooklyn Tweed Quarry in Moonstone

I recently acquired a skein of the relatively new BT Quarry so I could re-knit my failed Fidra hat attempt. This yarn is bulky weight but light-as-air, more like pencil roving than yarn since it contains very little twist and can be pulled apart with ease. I’m completely loving its airiness and am enjoying my re-knit so far.


Fidra hat in progress.

My husband, on the other hand, took one touch and declared it “scratchy”. He says the same thing about my Kelp-y Kelpie shawl, knit with BT Loft. Clearly, the Fiasco is not a fan of Targhee-Columbia woolen-spun wool. What my fingers feel as fluffy, air-filled fuzziness, his feel as prickly, un-smooth scratchiness. It’s fascinating. (To be fair, he said the same thing about a superfine Merino wool yarn once, and declares that only the finest baby alpaca is suitable for his skin, so… grain of salt?)

Have you worked with Brooklyn Tweed yarns before? Do you like their ‘rustic’ hand?


4 thoughts on “Soft or Scratchy?

  1. I’m a big fan of Brooklyn Tweed. As I type, I’m wearing a Robin Hoodie out of Shelter. But I know that it’s not for everyone. Luckily Mr. Bear Ears is not phased about rustic yarn. He quite enjoys them. My Mum on the other hand is picky about what fiber touches her skin. She finds alpaca to be prickly. She much prefers a worsted spun merino… or my used, slightly felted hand knit socks.


  2. “declares that only the finest baby alpaca is suitable for his skin” hilarious! Reminds me of my son when he was a little boy, and we were on the plane. He fell asleep, so I covered him with my pashmina wrap. Then I decided I wanted to wear the pashmina, so I replaced it with a scratchy airplane blanket, and he woke up and screamed to have the pashmina back! (Sorry Fiasco! :D)


  3. I haven’t knit with BT but have handled a friend’s yarn. I thought it surprisingly soft for a woollen spun. The British woollen spun I have used have a much rougher handle till washed. Gentlemen are sensitive and are bothered by scratchy labels, and rough wool.


  4. haha, I think we knitters have a high tolerance for wool that feels like wool, because we’ve handled it so much. For people that are used to how soft commercial sweaters are (and made out of manmade fibers), it’s a real departure. But I bet he would get used to it, though!



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