Places I Knit

I’m going to be completely honest here. The majority of places I knit are entirely boring as 90% of the time I’m knitting on my couch, the passenger seat of a car, or work meetings. But I totally support knitting everywhere-and-anywhere (well, maybe not everywhere) and would love to hear about some of the more interesting places you’ve knit.

One of my favorite atypical places to knit is the beach:


I don’t mind a little sand in my yarn. The most interesting place I’ve knit was on the porch of our honeymoon casita in Costa Rica:


And perhaps the prettiest/strangest place I’ve knit was in the garden where we were married!


Needless to say, yarn comes with me everywhere. I should probably work on knitting in some more exciting places, though.

This post was inspired by Where We Knit,  the very first Indie Untangled yarn club.

Beer photo by Jay R. Brooks

Indie yarn + pattern + surprise treat inspired by the different places we knit will be shipped out every quarter in 2016: Drops of Honey (nothing cozier than tea + knitting), Two Rivers (based on the Mississippi and the Hudson), At the Brewery, and the Beach in Fall. Sign ups are open now and run through December 20th. A lotion bar by Sweet Sheep Body Shoppe in a special fragrance inspired by the theme will be the surprise treat in one of shipments, too! See more details on the Indie Untangled blog.

What’s the craziest place you’ve knit?


7 thoughts on “Places I Knit

  1. I knit on a party barge during our work cruise up and down the river this past summer. My coworkers had seen stuff I’d knit but they’d never seen me ACTUALLY knitting before, so I got a lot of commentary. 😉


    • When I first started working at this company the marketing person was desperate for newsletter material so she wrote a little blurb about the new hires and mentioned my knitting and it is hilarious how certain people took a real interest in that, whom I wouldn’t have expected!

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  2. I adore that photo of you knititng in your wedding dress,that is so amazing and you look so beautiful and happy! The indie yarn club sounds awesome, i wish I had known about it- would have loved to contribute.


  3. That you managed knitting at your wedding shows a calmness and presence of mind even under pressure. I could barely breathe at our wedding!



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