Five Things Friday

I am determined not to let another week go by with just a single, lonely blog post. However, I have not had time to take many photos this week; thus, today will be a list of random things with photos ganked from my Instagram.

1 – I have reached the waist decreases on my Rhinebeck sweater, and I have no idea what to do about them! I am modifying the pattern because I wanted more room in the hips but less room in the bust, so I thought decreasing about 3 inches for the waist and then increasing back out one inch for the bust might work for my measurements… BUT the fabric is an all-over ribbing/cable texture, so I am having trouble figuring out decrease placement that will allow for increasing back to a smaller stitch count than I began with, but still keep the pattern intact. WHY MUST I GET FANCY WITH THESE THINGS, HMMM?


2 – My house has been an absolute mess for the last week or so as I’ve been nonstop making lotion bars and lip balms for a wholesale order and the fast-approaching Squam Art Fair. (September 19th in New Hampshire, will I see you?!) The Fiasco and I will be stickering and shrink-wrapping 150 lip balms tonight while watching The Cider House Rules on Netflix. Is that an exciting Friday night, or what?

3 – I have a very full head of fairly fine texture, wavy-curly hair that can be quite difficult to manage. I’ve been using Deva Curl products for a while now because their more natural, moisturizing, sulfate-free ingredients are supposed to be much better for curly hair and I really do like the shampoo and conditioner. Their styling products are nice, too, but I find they make my hair too ‘gunky’ the next day, and I only shampoo every other day so that’s not ideal. Anyway, they have a training program for stylists that teaches them to cut curly hair while dry so it flatters curly hair’s natural texture. I found one such stylist at a fancy city salon in Providence and I’m going to get a haircut tomorrow. I’ve been so bored with my hair and just generally unhappy with recent haircuts, so this is quite exciting for me. (It’s my blog, and I can naval-gaze if I want to!) Have any curly-headed ladies had luck with such haircuts?


4 – This morning, my Kindle screen tragically and strangely froze… just in the bottom left hand quadrant of screen. WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ABOUT THIS? HOW WILL I LIVE?!?!?! I am quite distressed. How am I supposed to get my John Irving on with a screen like that?! What is happening? What should I do????

5 – This Sunday, my spinner’s guild is hosting a sock-yarn-spinning class taught by Amy King of Spunky Eclectic, who also teaches a Foundations of Spinning class on Craftsy and will be teaching lots of spinning-related classes at Rhinebeck. I am beyond excited about this. I haven’t had a proper spinning session since Tour de Fleece in July, and it’s high time I get back into it. I will be sure to report back with details on the class.

That’s all I have for you this Friday. Happy weekend, everyone!


9 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. I did full on no-poo and co-washing for a year or so in the hopes that I’d be able to convert my supah-dupah fine wavy hair into full blown curls, but it never quite got there. I’ve never tried one of those fancy dry haircuts, but I do often wonder if it would take me from “wavy mess” to “curly glory”, or at least “more easily controlled wavy mess”. đŸ˜‰ I’ll be interested to see your results. You should post before and after pictures!


  2. Good luck with your fancy haircut tomorrow, I hope it is amazing and just what you wanted! That sucks about your kindle, I hope it’s just temporary and will magically unfreeze itself soon.


  3. Keep the rib pattern in play along the seam line with 3 sts, then decrease into and then increase away from that area on front and back. I don’t know how to explain it better. Like the decreases on the crown of a hat is a double decrease? Say if you had a k, p, k, p, k area at side. Then for front and back do directional decreases with the outermost k sts. So k2tog, p1, k1, p1, SSK, or whichever direction you want your decreases to slant.
    My hair is naturally curly, my daughters is naturally kinky curly. I will have to ask my niece about cutting our hair dry. Right now I just need to get daughter good hair products. Looking into the Deva line.


  4. I also have a head full of curls and a long list of bad haircuts. I finally found a salon I like, although I tend not to go more than once a year. Sometimes the person I like isn’t there anymore, so I’ve started asking for the following when I go in: 1. Who is the best a cutting curly hair. (Make appointment with said person. It has gone well for the last 5 years.) When I get to the appointment I ask for: 1. Something that will grow out well. 2. Something that requires little to no product and 0 minutes in the morning to maintain. 3. No bangs (It always look stupid on me. I eventually learned that it was important to state that.) I also might give a general length I’m looking for, but typically I’ve donated my hair, so I just ask them to get the donation length right, then to salvage what is left. I’ve had really good haircuts for quite some time now.

    As for the sweater, I’d just do the decreases on the sides and not worry about the patterning. But when you go to the size you need for the remaining part of the sweater, I’d make sure the patterning returns to normal rather than have exactly the number of inches you want. It will look more intentional and polished.


    • Thanks, Audry! I think I’ve worked out an in-between method to getting the waist decreases/increases to look alright. And I think shorter hair works really well for the curly-headed amongst us, your hair looks great on you.


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