WIPWed #92: Monkeying Around

Oh, the exquisite pain of ripping back a whole sock leg. Oh dear, how it stings. #knitterproblems

Camelot Monkeys:

WIPWed #92: Monkeying Around

Traitorous socks. Click for project page.

See that green sock? I got all the way through the cuff, leg, heel turn, and gusset pickup before I realized that I had, in fact, forgotten that I’d cast on 68 sts, not 64 sts, when I began the pink sock back in December. I had added a purl stitch between each repeat to give the pattern a bit more stretch. It’s not super visible and it’s not like the socks will exactly match anyway (being different colors and all), but the patterning on the pink sock looked a bit more sculpted to my eye, and I knew that every time I put them on I’d feel like the green sock was a tad bit tighter (whether it really was or not). Thus, frogging commenced. I was tempted to put the socks in time out and just start something new, but I HELD MY GROUND and re-started the green sock with a minimum of grumbling. I feel like I’ve reached a new level of knitting maturity here, folks. Hurrah for me.

MalMarch Nube:

WIPWed #92: Monkeying Around | Woolen Diversions

Plying time, nearly there! Click for handspun page.

I’ve been rather monogamous in my crafting (having zero free time will do that to a gal) but I did manage to squeeze in a bit of time to ply my Malabrigo Nube singles. I’m making a cabled yarn, which means that the two bobbins of 2-ply yarn you see above is just the first step of plying. Next, I need to run each bobbin through the wheel again to add extra twist to the yarn, then I will ply each 2-ply yarn together in the opposite direction to make the final cabled yarn. I confess, I can’t wait to see what it looks like!

As for books, I finished The Elephant in the Laboratory and have moved on to Mama, PhD. Of all the ‘balancing career and motherhood’ type books I’ve read lately, I like this one the least. It’s by far the most depressing, and is full of essays by women whose experiences are unlikely to be similar to mine. They mostly have humanities PhDs in topics like literature or theater and from what I understand, science is quite a different beast. (Better or worse, who knows.) The essays are written much more poetically than those in the other books, though, and can be quite emotionally moving, albeit usually bleak. I read one this morning by a woman with a special needs autistic child that was just heartbreaking. This review on Amazon sums up my impressions pretty well.

That’s all from me today! Linking up with Yarnalong, as usual.


13 thoughts on “WIPWed #92: Monkeying Around

  1. Ha! I love how you switched the colors up for your socks. I always hate having to frog like that though. No one else will know, but you always will and that makes it worth the time.


  2. I’m the same way with my knitting. I’m not a perfectionist, but I do have standards, even if no one else can tell. Love your socks and your yarn. Looking forward to seeing the finished cabled yarn. I haven’t tried that yet.


  3. To be honest, I wouldn’t have frogged the sock 🙂 I can totally see why you did it, though, and I admire your perseverance! It’s a gorgeous pair and I love your yarn choice.


    • Thank you! I hemmed and hawed for a half a day but finally just gave in. It didn’t hurt that I like the pattern and the yarn, so I don’t mind knitting it a little bit longer. And honestly, I was just grateful I didn’t have to frog back a WHOLE sock, just a leg. 🙂


  4. My condolences on the ripping; I would have done the exact same thing. Hope the rest of the knitting is full of win.

    Your yarn looks beautiful. Should look awesome as a cabled handspun.


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  6. I share your sock blues, as you know I do! I had to rip back from toe to heel on my last ones cos I had accidentally wrapped the pattern around the sole. Surely, this is good for us in some way?
    Good tip on NOT reading that PhD book, particularly since I already have the kids and am about to start the phd!


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