WIPWed #89: Doing Some Good | Woolen Diversions

If you’ve seen today’s blog post on Knitty, you may have already read this:

It seemed like a good time to remind you that the lovely ladies of Mason Dixon Knitting raise funds all year round for The Mercy Corps, an international relief and development organization. Buy any of their three blanekt patterns: Mitered Crosses, Cornerstone and A Light in the Window, and all proceeds will be donated. Organizations have been struggling to get on the ground in Nepal to assist; The Mercy Corps were already there when the earthquake struck. There were 90 workers in the country, and cash donations are what they need to be most productive and helpful.

If you can, do a little good today. I thought this was a wonderful ideas so I purchased the Mitered Crosses blanket pattern and made a cash donation directly to The Mercy Corps, as well. Here’s a list of other verified relief organizations and an interesting article on why sending money is so much more helpful than sending goods or hopping on a plane yourself.

Now, onto this week’s knitting.

Mom’s Flocked Socks:

WIPWed #89: Doing Good | Woolen Diversions

Miss Babs Yummy 3-ply, colorway Autumn Forest. Click for project page.

This yarn was purchased for me by my mom on a trip to Tennessee with the request that I knit her some socks. I’d never worked with Miss Babs Yummy 3-ply before, but I really like it and envision more of it in my future… my beloved Socks that Rock might have a little competition! It’s a nice, substantial sportweight that’s knitting up into a pleasing fabric on 2.50 mm needles. I knit the leg of the first sock in 2013 on Kollage square needles 2.75 mm that I realized I hated working with, so the pair languished. I began working on the second sock just a few days ago in my much-preferred Karbonz DPNs and got similar enough stitch gauge that I decided to ignore the differences in needle size and not frog back the first leg (hey, I’m on a deadline). My row gauge was different, however, so I had to work an extra repeat on one of the legs to get them to seem the same length visually, but unless someone sits and counts the stitches, nobody will be the wiser. Perfection, who needs it? I like progress way better and my Mother’s Day deadline seems a reasonable goal at this point.

#MegaSAL Magrat:

WIPWed #89: Doing Some Good | Woolen Diversions

Nest fiber studios superwash Merino, colorway Magrat.

I’m limping along on my main spindle project. I’ve really only taken this little guy out for social spinning. However, my turtle-speed-progress did not deter me from impulsively acquiring more Nest fiber as soon as I realized she was having an update.

Nest fiber Falkland, one-of-a-kind colorway.

Nest fiber Falkland, one-of-a-kind colorway.

I mean, that stuff is gorgeous, and her prep is wonderful. How could I resist?

MalMarch Nube:

Malabrigo merino Nube, colorway Persia.

Malabrigo merino Nube, colorway Persia.

I’ve spun up the third bobbin of my MalMarch spinning project and have just one more ounce of fiber to card and spin. I have to admit, I’m a little disconcerted about the different volume of singles on each of these bobbins. They are supposedly the same weight of fiber, all carded into rolags similarly. I have no idea why the middle one (the first that I spun) is so full in comparison to the other two. I suspect plying will require a bit of bobbin finagling.

And as far as reading goes, I sped through the rest of An Echo in the Bone and am now on the final book of the Outlander series, Written in My Own Heart’s Blood (goodness, I love these melodramatic titles). I’m also perusing I Could Do Anything If Only I Knew What It Was and a somewhat shallow straight-talk style book on pregnancy (The Girlfriend’s Guide) NOT because I’m pregnant (attn: friends and family, I’m NOT) but because I’m trying to get a better idea on what to expect physically and mentally and where in my career path having kids might fit best. I’m also spending lots of time on the Kelly Blue Book website looking at cars because my 1998 Dodge Neon has required $2,000 worth of work in the last 6 months alone and it broke down again, so I’m losing patience with its recurring (expensive) issues.


Venting, at least, does some good. 🙂 As does tapping into the hive mind: what’s your favorite cheap, reliable, compact sedan make/model that’s fairly easy to find used?

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16 thoughts on “WIPWed #89: Doing Some Good | Woolen Diversions

  1. I’ve heard lots of good things about subarus! they’re not the cheapest, but i think they last forever. am also a fan of nissan altima and the toyota prius (such good gas mileage)!


  2. Karbonz are awesome needles. I really would like to get some more. I love the fiber on your Turkish spindle. I really need to take mine out and play with it. I have never tried Nest fiber. I will have to check that out!


  3. I love my karbonz…..I only read the first book in the series and was like…meh….I am watching the show, mainly for the cinematography….not sure how long I’ll keep watching it…just not in love with any character…although Jamie is pretty yummy……


    • The first time I read the book (several years ago) I felt the same ‘meh’ about it. It was gripping but a little… over the top? I don’t know. This time around, though, it stuck. And I found the rest of the series to be MUCH different than the first book. I had heard she wrote the first as ‘practice’ and basically threw every literary idea she wanted in there, the rest are a bit more cohesive. I’m happy I gave them a second try.


  4. I loved my Chevy Aveo, and the gas mileage was amazing.

    Side note: absolutely, if the tragedy in Nepal has stirred people to give, whatever they can give will be welcome. But there’s always something, and if it’s possible within an individual budget to plan an ongoing monthly donation to something like Drs Without Borders, the International Red Cross/Red Crescent, Catholic Relief Services, etc., please do. These organizations usually have a presence in the community already, are some of the first to respond, and can be prepared (as much as possible) if they have a steady revenue stream as well as tragedy-inspired generosity.


  5. Good on you for noting another way to help with the earthquake in Nepal! Good luck with the car purchasing… it’s such a stressful exercise I find, but the new car that you get at the end is so worth it. Personally, I am a very big fan of anything Mazda (is that a popular brand in the US?)


  6. You are such a clever knitter. Despite my skills, I doubt I would have figured out that solution to the sock problem like you did. I am sure your mom will love it.


  7. I have a Subaru forester and love it. I had a Subaru outback first and gave it to my daughter when I bought the forester. The outback is a 1998 and still going strong now in PA with a friend who needed a car after my daughter moved to OK. Love my Subaru!


  8. That fiber makes me want to go buy some more.
    Thanks for the pattern links. It’s nice to buy a pattern and know a little bit of extra good will come from it.



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