Decluttering Like A Boss

I tackled my most difficult #KonMarie decluttering session yet over the weekend. It was, in fact, the whole reason I started cleaning stuff up in the first place: my knitting WIPs and notions. I keep most of my knitting needles, notions, and assorted paraphernalia in 2 small plastic drawers and a basket, all of which were crammed tight and overflowing.

All of my WIPs are kept — honestly, all over the place, but theoretically organized in another set of plastic drawers. I had them sorted by year started (which was super depressing) but then shuffled things around into three categories: socks, shawls, and ‘other’ (encompassing mitts, cowls, scarves, a blanket, etc.). And most importantly, I ruthlessly frogged things that no longer sparked joy.


Which means I spent many, many minutes ripping back, untangling, and winding yarn back up but man it was worth it. You might be thinking, “Oh my, how can she handle ripping back 5 partially-finished pairs of socks?!” Have no fear, I still have 12 sock WIPs hibernating and 2 that I’m actively working on. I do not lack for sock projects. But at least now I know where they all are, what state they’re in, and where the heck all my needles were hiding. (I will soon be destashing a bunch of needles because I apparently just bought more when I couldn’t find some… woops. My yarn destash is still ongoing.)

I have to admit, decluttering feels really good, and it’s helped me re-focus my knitting efforts. I picked up an old sock WIP that had just one leg done that I’d like to finish by Mother’s Day (one of my Second Quarter goals), and I’m already at the heel on both socks. Turns out, socks are super speedy when you actually work on them. WHO KNEW?!

Speaking of actually working on projects, check out my top 5 ways to procrasti-knit over on Stef’s blog!


7 thoughts on “Decluttering Like A Boss

  1. I think that we have both knit many more pairs of socks in our heads than actual socks.

    I also rediscovered this weekend how knitting grows when you knit it.


  2. Well done you. It does help to get rid of WIPs you’ll no longer knit. I have a rule of doing that now. The ones I keep are the ones I am going to knit. Now you have lots of yarn that you can use in other things!!


  3. Wow, very impressive! I could really stand to declutter, but can’t seem to make the leap over to KonMarieLand just yet. It’s been really inspiring watching my fellow knitters take the plunge, although the pack rat in me is having a hard time joining them!


  4. I love honesty about stash and disorganization — both of which reign in my crafting life! I need to take a page out of your book and de-clutter, but not just now.
    And thanks for sharing the secret about how to make progress on socks. Who knew indeed?!



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