FOFri #39: Socks, and a Plan!

Praise be to the wooly higher-ups, I’ve finished a pair of socks… FOR ME!

The last time this happened was over a year ago, in March 2014. I hesitate to say that my sock mojo is back, but it is certainly once again on the rise. Knitting these suckers ‘simultaneously’ (by alternating between socks after each section) made the process go much more smoothly for me, and eliminated most of my sock-stagnating hangups.

The yarn is the January shipment of the Rockin’ Sock Club, BMFA Socks That Rock Mediumweight in the colorway Feelin’ Groovy. The pattern is from the club a few years ago, Intrepid Traveler by Gail Marracci. I borrowed the stitch pattern but used a square heel from Sock Architecture and a toe that I winged. The stitch pattern was lots of fun and makes for a nifty effect with highly variegated yarns. And yes, these are the brightest socks I own!

Woolen Diversions

Ambition is my middle name!

And now, for my plans. We’re nearly through April already and I have yet to set any Second Quarter goals. In truth, there are just so many things I want to make, it’s ridiculously difficult to narrow things down. Here, I’ll attempt to list one project per somewhat arbitrary ‘type’:

I have finished 6 projects so far this year, so listing 7 above is likely ambitious, but I like having specific goals to work towards. I think the projects above represent enough variety that I shouldn’t get bored and should have a knit for every situation (some simple, some interesting). If I can finish them all, awesome. If I can’t, well, then I’ll just have some more WIPs and I’ll see what’s still inspiring me when the third quarter rolls around.

How do you plan what to knit next? How do you choose? I find it extremely difficult, especially when I keep acquiring pretty yarn in stash. I WANT TO KNIT THEM ALL!

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9 thoughts on “FOFri #39: Socks, and a Plan!

  1. I think I need to start assigning myself knitting. Or at least knitting time. I’m knitting more in my head than in real life. It’s gotten so bad that even Connor has told me, “I think you need some knitting time.”

    I’m so happy that you have super bright socks to wear. I’m a big fan of having a party on my feet.


  2. those socks look so awesome!!It’s hard to know what to knit next, I often knit next what I think I will want/be able to wear as soon as it’s finished, so I tend to knit fairly seasonally. and I use my ravelry queue, never let the queue get longer than 4 projects, and constantly re-evaluate the projects all the time. For example, if it’s been in my queue for 4 years and I haven’t knit it yet, I have to have a really good reason why not or out it goes.


  3. I think you have a great list there. A bit of this and that and all sorts of knitting styles to suit the occasion. I tend to knit what I feel like knitting. So much inspiration, so much to knit, and not enough time!! I have deadlines and projects galore at work, so knitting is not boxed into ‘must knit now’ as it then feels too much like work.


  4. I usually just get a spark from the blogs and fellow knitter’s projects. But sometimes I do have to go to the queue I keep in an excel file.


  5. These socks are so cool! The colors and texture play well together. I like your ambitious list, also. What’s the point of having a WIP plan unless it’s fun and challenging, right? Mine is pretty much a random assortment of whatever catches my eye at the moment. My goal of knitting down the stash is also determining what kind of projects are getting cast on.


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