Nothing to See Here

Thanks for all your well-wishes regarding my back pain! I have to say, I’m highly amused that so many of you thought I was referring to my knitting when I said I ‘popped a rib’. I’m less amused that after working several inches of tubular bind off on the neckline of my Cypress vest, I realized I did, indeed, mess it up: I dropped a stitch. It’s one stitch, and it will be on the back side of the neckline fabric, but it will be right in front of the sweater, so I’m currently debating the horrendous idea of untinking several inches of tubular bind off (which involves undoing kitchener stitch and catching slipped stitches in the right order) with the merits of just leaving it be and sewing it down later.

Then, when I went to work on my MalMarch Sundry shawl, I realized that I had made a mistake in the slipped garter stitch several rows back, so tinking or laddering down will need to happen there, as well.

Finally, I have not yet tried to spin my MalMarch Nube project as the long draw motions would likely irritate my back. I saw an osteopath yesteday, and while he didn’t want to listen to me about the previous treatment I’d received for the problem and he did an awful lot of mansplaining, whatever trigger point therapy and back-cracking he did must have helped because the pain is about 80% better. (Yay!) Instead, I am now entertaining a wicked sore throat that makes me sound like an elderly, life-long smoker. It’s herbal tea and honey and gargling with salt water all day for me.

So there went the last few days of March and with them went any chance of finishing up either of my Malabrigo March goals or one more First Quarter project. I just can’t win this week. I’ll leave you with this photo of Calypso, which purrrfectly captures how I feel.

A strange mix of stoic and defeated.

April happens to be my least favorite month (I’m always so stressed in April, I have no idea why) but I’m determined to remain hopeful that things will look up soon!


10 thoughts on “Nothing to See Here

  1. Sorry to hear you are having health AND knitting issues. I’ve knitted for years, but I’ve never heard the term “tink” before. Can you point me to an explanation?

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    • “Tink” is “knit” spelled backwards. Instead of taking all the live stitches off the needle and ripping out some of your work (known as “frogging”), tinking is un-knitting. You undo each knitted stitch, one at a time. Slow, but all the stitches remain on a needle.

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      • Thanks for explaining! I usually just say “unravel”. Frogging and tinking are both much better (and more accurate!) words. I normal tink for only short distances. When I’m frogging, I often have to start over anyway.


  2. So glad your back is better -and sorry about the throat. And the knitting – ugh! I would just tack down the errant stitch rather than un-tink Kitchener, too. šŸ™‚



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