FOFri #38: Bitter Relief

I am filled with a lot of words about these socks, but very few of them are fit for typing. They were, to put it mildly, a major pain in the tuckus.

FOFri#38: Relief | Woolen Diversions

BMFA Socks That Rock Heavyweight, colorway Tea & Alchemy. Click for project page.

I began them in October as a sneaky Christmas present for the Fiasco. Since they were sneaky, they were difficult to find time to work on, but I managed to finish the first sock by the holiday despite my too-late realization that the needles I was using really hurt my hands. When he tried that sock on, it just barely fit. I mean, it was a struggle. The square needles I had used combined with slipped stitch patterning tightened up my gauge enough that these seriously lacked stretch. He insisted I knit the second one rather than frog and re-knit, and I think I dragged my feet a little because I was so unhappy with the fit.

FOFri #38: Relief | Woolen Diversions


Then… the toes. OH the toes. Since this was my own design, it was particularly unhelpful that I had lost my notes. I found some note I had made somewhere, tried it, AND RAN OUT OF YARN. I joined some green yarn I had amidst mumbles of “he’ll just have to deal with a mismatched toe” and finished up. Turns out, the toe was way longer than the toe on the first sock. I ripped back and re-knit with some other notes I found. Ran out of yarn again, rejoined the yarn, knit nearly to the end… and nope, still too long. Then it sat in time out. Finally, I threw caution to the wind and made it up as I went along and ended up with a toe that pretty much matches and (thankfully) didn’t need me to join new yarn in, I had just enough left for the kitchener stitch at the end. So while I’m happy these are finished, I’m not so sure they’ll fit well and I generally am not feeling much love for them. I had intended to write them up as a pattern but that would involve re-knitting them (and taking better notes, obviously) and I just don’t think I love them enough for all that.

Since it’s basically the end of March, now is a good a time as any to review my ridiculously ambitious First Quarter plans. Here’s what I had intended to focus on between January and now, with % complete and new things I had not intended to do marked with asterisks (***):

New Projects:

Sock WIPs:

Other WIPs:

So for those keep tracking, of 5 new projects I had intended to work on, I abandoned 2, never started 1, and made some progress on the other 2. I also began 5 different projects, finishing 2 of them. It appears that this whole ‘predict what I’ll want to knit over the next 3 months’ thing doesn’t work so well for me. As for WIPs, between socks and ‘other’, I had intended to focus on 7 projects, and I finished 2 of them and nearly finished a third. Perhaps I can try to bust out my Cypress vest before the month is up since this rainy, dismal spring weather is perfect for vest-wearing.

I believe my goals for the next quarter will need to be less… stringent, less planned. Perhaps instead of choosing particular projects, I’ll say “1 socks, 1 shawl, 1 garment” or “2 WIPs and 3 new” or “this yarn and 2 other WIPs” something like that. This will take some thinking.

How do you focus your crafting? Do you try to make a plan, or do you just go with what you feel like doing?


12 thoughts on “FOFri #38: Bitter Relief

  1. Everyone is knitting socks this week and I can’t knit socks because I’ve got a poorly wrist! D:

    Shame you won’t be writing up the pattern, those are pretty. Maybe you’ll love them more once you’ve recovered emotionally from the trauma :p


  2. My plans are usually more “type” based than pattern based. “1 sock, 1 shawl…etc”. I think it’s easier to stick to those plans. Then again, I haven’t even made plans in a long time.


  3. Your socks are beautiful 🙂 Sounds like you took some serious perseverance to finish these! When it comes to crafting, I love the idea of staying focused, but I never really seem to stay that way…what’s the saying: “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” That seems to fit 🙂


  4. I make loose plans. So loose I don’t even like to call them plans. More like rough outlines of what I’d like to do and how I might consider getting there. I fiddle around with calculations because, and I’m still shocked about this one, knitting makes me like to do math. The one thing I cannot do is have more than two projects going at a time. I can have a traveling project and a stay-at-home project and that’s it. Any more than that, and I feel pulled in too many directions–like I’ll never get any of it done.


  5. sorry to hear that your socks were so frustrating, but they do look wonderful! I have crazy ambitious goals all the time as well, only they never seem that way- I feel like the slowest knitter ever.


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