Discworld Has Lost Its Greatest Wizard

If you’re a fan of the Discworld series, you may have already heard that its author, Terry Pratchett, has passed away.

Photo from Terry Pratchett’s facebook page. Click for link.

I do not know how, but I do know that he was developing early-onset Azheimer’s which must have been hell for a writer with such a brilliant, witty, and creative mind. I first discovered the genre of comedic/satiric/sci-fi/fantasy through The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (who also died far too young). I was sad that there wasn’t more of his work to read, and then I discovered Terry Pratchett’s writing, and was thrilled. It was similar to Adams’ work in that it was hilarious, but it was even more satirical, witty, and fantastical than I could have hoped. Not to mention abundant: there are aver 40 books in the series, which means I could live in that zany world as long as I wanted. It isn’t up to date with the newest books, but this reading guide will get you started in understanding which books correspond to which general group of characters in plot order. My favorites are the books involving Death and the witches. I read the books in order of publication, beginning with The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic, but either way you approach the series (in publication order or by character group) will work.

Magrat colorway. Photo copyright Jennifer of Nest Fiber. Click for website.

Just the other day, Jillian’s posted on the KnittyBlog about a Discworld-themed MegaSAL (spin-along) that’s happening right now on Ravelry. Six amazing dyers have created Discworld-themed colorways for the SAL, which will run from from April 1 – June 30. Yesterday I was able to grab my first ever braid of Nest fiber, dyed in the Magrat colorway, inspired by one of the witches in the series. Come visit the Ravelry group for details about joining in and for a thread full of info and chatter about Terry’s amazing books. The timing of his death in the middle of this fiber-y celebration of his work is really powerful, and I know what I’ll be thinking about as I spin along.

In the words of the beautifully personified Death, “THERE IS NO JUSTICE, THERE IS JUST US.”

So long, Terry, and thanks for all your words.


3 thoughts on “Discworld Has Lost Its Greatest Wizard

  1. I was so sad to hear about this on Thursday. I own most of the Discworld books and some of those copies are tatty 15 year old paperbacks from school but they’re my most loved possessions. As a weirdo teenager who didn’t feel like I really fit in with the world, those books really gave me hope that I wasn’t somehow broken and that there were other people like me out there somewhere. Oh, and they’re really funny too.

    “Sad” doesn’t really cover it, it’s like losing a real friend. Don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet, but I’ve embarked on a re-reading of the whole series in his honour.


    • I feel the same way, he created such an intelligent, funny world that gave hope. I’ve started listening to a few books of his I hadn’t yet read, and will probably re-read Discworld once I finish the series I’m currently in the middle of (Outlander).


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