Finally, Some Light

Despite all the snow on the ground, I can feel the winter starting to fade. Birds are singing in the morning, the temps are forecast to be above freezing this week, and the sun is a welcome friend returned. Not only for its warmth, but for its light… because I can finally take some decent FO pictures. (Priorities!)

Finally, Some Light | Woolen Diversions

Deep Dark Stellaria, click for project page.

When I first finished knitting the Stellaria shawl, designed by Susanna IC, I was a little bit dismayed. I had modified the shawl to be deeper/taller (by leaving fewer stitches between short row wraps) but I had not fully appreciated how long this sucker was. It’s a really big shawl, and I was concerned about its wearability.

At first I thought the shawl would only look ‘appropriate’ worn with a fancy dress to a winter wedding or gothic gala of some sort. But after a few weeks of wearing it as depicted in the second photo above, I’ve decided it works. It’s a bit larger than other shawls I wear kerchief-style, but the layers of garter and lace wrapped the neck around make for a nice cascading effect (plus, they’re super warm). I won’t be wearing this shawl much into the spring, but for the winter, its coziness is much appreciated.

Finally, Some Light | Woolen Diversions

Garnet Tonic cowl. Click for project page.

After my quick blocking of this Tonic Water cowl, designed by Thea Coleman, I decided that it definitely needed another repeat. I was tempted to leave it be, but the extra repeat was totally necessary.

With 8 repeats, the cowl falls to a nice length worn open, and just barely fits comfortably doubled up since it’s such a wide piece of knitting. I love that contrasting stripe (and the way it coordinates with my Lucy hat!) more than I can say, but it gave me the devil of a time. When I first saw the design, I thought Thea had done something really clever with beginning and ending the cowl in the contrast color and invisibly joining in garter stitch somehow. Instead, the directions were much simpler, and just involved adding the contrast color at the end and seaming the edges together using the main color. Since I dislike seaming and was feeling lazy, I decided to finagle a different way to close the cowl. I spent an entire hour messing around with it, trying and abandoning ideas like knitting the edges together or doing a three needle bind-off. Eventually, I settled on doing a garter-based kitchener stitch using the contrast color. You can see the contrast color poking through a little on one side of the join, but trust me, it’s much better than it was. And truthfully, I’m so in love with this cowl that it doesn’t even matter.

Finally, Some Light | Woolen Diversions

The Verdant Gryphon Zaftig, colorway Winter Slant of Light

While I’m thrilled about spring, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this winter colorway from The Verdant Gryphon. Blues! Greens! Greys! All of my favorite things! And since I love my newly finished cowl in the same worsted weight MCN base so much, I think these skeins are destined to become a cowl, as well. Now to find the perfect pattern…

Sweet Sheep Body Shoppe on Etsy

New lip balm flavor: French Macaron!

Spring scents are popping up over at Sweet Sheep Body Shoppe, too! I’ve just added a brand new lip balm flavor, French Macaron. It’s delightfully sweet, sophisticated, and indulgent. I’ve also restocked a good number of my other lip balm flavors that had sold out (Toasted Coconut, Lavender, Lemon Lime, Winter Clementine, and Vanilla Mint) and added Spring Meadow and Sea Moss lotion bars back into the rotation.

What would you knit with just under 400 yards of dense and colorful worsted weight yarn? Is spring popping up in your part of the world?


12 thoughts on “Finally, Some Light

  1. While the snow is all gone in coastal Virginia, I agree that spring seems to be peeking around the corner. We’re having sixty degree days right now. I think it’s because I just finished my hooded cowl and it will be too warm to wear it! Your FOs are delightful. Can’t wait to see what you create with those blue/green skeins.


  2. I passed a few trees showing Autumn colours today and was surprised. It is still so warm here. Sigh. Good to know Spring is appearing on your side of the world. That means we’ll be cooling down here soon!! Your shawl and cowl are lovely! I love the colours you have chosen too.


  3. Spring is slowly popping up, but it’s still icky down here. I love your projects, and I like the length of that shawl. I always like longer, narrow ones so that I can just wear them as scarves. Did I mention that you look gorgeous in these photos? The weight loss is going well ! 😀
    Hmmm 400 yards of worsted weight yarn? With those colors, I’d probably attempt (yet another) scarf of quick shawl. Or maybe a shrug if the pattern is right (and you have the yardage). Good luck my friend.


  4. whoa, that shawl is a knockout, and I love your cowl, it looks so great with the hat! And French macaron sounds like an ammmmmaaaazing new flavour for lip balm!


  5. The only thing I like about springing forward is the extended daylight! It’s glorious. Our temps are starting to rise. I can see the ground in the backyard for the first time in months! The shawl is really gorgeous. I like it as a kerchief, and I think it would be really dramatic and elegant draped over your shoulders!


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