Sweet Sheep Featured Fragrance: Kumquat

I thought it would be fun every once in a while to choose a Sweet Sheep lotion bar or lip balm fragrance/flavor to highlight. Sometimes really great things get lost in the shuffle and I’d like to give them their chance to shine. Without further ado, this week’s featured fragrance is Kumquat!

Kumquat lotion bar

For those who have never had the pleasure of eating one, kumquats are strange little citrus fruits that have a really sweet, edible rind surrounding a sour inner pulp. The fruits in the photo above were dried and candied, I unfortunately couldn’t find any fresh ones in my area (and am now having a wicked kumquat craving).

Why I love it: This bar is essentially sunshine in a tin. It’s a bright, tart, pure citrus scent that makes me smile whenever I sniff it. It essentially smells like a more vibrant and interesting version of an orange. There’s just something so perfectly uplifting about sweet citrus scents in the dead of winter, isn’t there?

What it pairs well with: In case you were considering a made-to-order mix pack of scents for yourself or for a gift, I’d suggest pairing Kumquat with Spearmint EO and Green Tea to create a fresh and invigorating mix. If you’d like to lean more towards the exotic, pairing it with Basmati Rice and Lavender EO would do nicely. (I had a lavender orange tea once that was quite addicting.) And finally, if you feel like getting a little adventurous, I think that Champagne Fizz (bright fizziness) and Turkish Mocha (mmmm, chocolate and citrus) pair well with Kumquat, too.

Tell me what you’d like!

As always, if there’s a scent I mentioned that you don’t currently see in the shop (stock is running low right now, I’m working on replenishing) you could always request it through a custom lotion bar order, at no extra charge. There is just a slightly longer turnaround time for custom orders, versus ready-made stock.

What’s your favorite citrus scent? What other fragrances would you associate with it?


2 thoughts on “Sweet Sheep Featured Fragrance: Kumquat

  1. Oh I do love a cumquat. It was my first marmalade that I ever made. Our Italian neighbours taught us to peel and eat the skin like a candy. This will be a great lotion bar.


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