FOFri #36: That’s A Lot of Falkland

I have yarn! I present to you the first finished handspun to come off of my Lendrum wheel. (You can hover over photos for captions, or click to enlarge.)

Isn’t it lovely? I basically just want to wallow in those gigantic skeins. You might recognize the smaller one from the ply experiment I conducted where I spun and swatched samples with different amounts of ply twist (oh, the #spingeek-ery!). I learned a lot from that little exercise and I truly love the finished product.

I’m still working out what types of details I want to track about my spinning projects, but for this one I recorded a variety of information. Here’s a recap:

  • Dates: Dec. 1st 2014 – Feb. 12th 2015
  • Fiber: Ashland Bay Falkland Wool commercial top, 16 oz in finished yarn (1 oz used up in sampling).
  • Singles: Spun with Z twist (clockwise) on middle whorl of regular flyer (8:1 ratio). Used a semi-worsted backwards drafting style, occasionally from the fold. Measured 25 WPI (wraps per inch) and 2350 ypp (yards per pound).
  • Ply: Three plies with S twist (counterclockwise) on larger whorl of regular flyer (6:1 ratio). Treadled 4-5 times per length of yarn. Measured 10 WPI and 600 – 900 ypp (measured 600 in reality and 900 on the balance).
  • Yardage: Skein 1 had 306 yards on the winder but after wet-finishing the skein measured 255 yards. Skein 2 had 438 yards on the winder but measured 340 yards after finishing.

Even though the yardage measurements are unclear (I suspect a yardage counter could be handy in the future), I likely have somewhere between 595 and 745 yards of approximately worsted weight yarn. That’s enough for a generous cozy shawl, a boat-load of accessories, or if I spin a little more Falkland up, perhaps a vest? I haven’t decided if I will dye these skeins or not. I’m tempted to try a rainbow skein like what The Lemonade Shop dyes or something like the Tipsy skeins at Blue Moon Fiber Arts but I don’t want to ruin so much spinning if it goes wrong. What would you do?



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I don’t think I’ll make it to this space over the weekend, so have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


16 thoughts on “FOFri #36: That’s A Lot of Falkland

  1. Ack! Decisions. I would probably dye it, unless there was a specific project that would look good in natural white. Maybe try a light color so if you “mess up” you can overdye it.


  2. Congratulations! That’s wonderful yarn! I would say keep it natural–you can always dye the finished product if you dislike the natural, but you can’t undo it if you don’t like the dye. Another option is to mini skein some and dye those for strips. Or dye 150 yards like a rainbow and mosaic it into the natural.


  3. I suggest a large, cozy shawl! I made a Kay’s Tess D’urbervilles shawl with some white handspun, and I basically pretend I’m out on the foggy moors in that thing. (My neighbors think I’m weird.) Your mileage may vary.


  4. Well, I’m crazy enough to spin enough yarn for a blanket… so in your place I’d keep spinning. I probably wouldn’t dye it though. I’m a fan of natural colored wools. (And the fear of ruining it would be paralyzing.)


  5. This is a very impressive spin. 3 ply worsted is my favourite kind of spin. You have been so consistent for the duration, that is a big feat. Congrats.


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