WIPWed #76: Neutral

A terrible thing happens when your December is full of work/life deadlines: you kind of miss the whole thing. You get a little bit like “Huh? Christmas is coming? When is that happening again? Let me check my calender…” despite the many images of holiday cheer flooding all forms of media. You feel a bit like it’s not really happening. My favorite part of the holidays is the anticipation and the build-up beforehand, and because I basically plowed through November preparing for the GRE and am now barreling through December with grad school applications and work deadlines, I’m left blinking in confusion at how it could possibly be December 10th already.

Woolen Diversions

We did get the tree decorated, though, Limulus style.

I’ve been living so far in the future that I’m missing the present, and I’m trying to remedy that. I’m trying to remember that there’s always January for the resolutions and the plans and the goals, that December can be for going easy on things and taking care of deadlines one step at a time. I’m trying to remember that spending an evening shopping for gifts and baking treats is not a waste of time that I should be spending more productively. That relaxing, itself, can be a worthwhile use of time. (The Fiasco will likely laugh his ass off when he reads that line…)

Woolen Diversions

Falkland on my new Lendrum. Click for handspun page.

So I’ve been taking a few minutes a day to spin on my new wheel. Nothing ambitious, no grand plan, just working my way through the 17 oz of Falkland wool I got from Webs and loving the thin, even single I’m spinning with hardly any effort. That’s my second bobbin, I’ve spun up about 5 oz already. Sherrill from The 1764 Shepherdess (Baabonnybelle on Instagram) is proposing a #spin15in15 hashtag to spin for 15 minutes a day starting in January. I intend to use it.

Woolen Diversions

New design in the works. Click for project page.

Even my knitting has been uncharacteristically neutral. This cowl is a delightfully soothing knit in a squishy, fluffy farm yarn from Foxfire Fiber. It’s intended as a Christmas gift (I know, I couldn’t resist) and it’s also the first new design that I’ve worked on in a long time. It’s been nice to play with stitches again. (If you’re interested in testing this cowl, please email me at alicia at woolendiversions dot com. You’ll need less than 200 yards of a fluffy DK or worsted weight yarn. Something like Malabrigo worsted, Brooklyn Tweed Loft, or a woolen-spun handspun skein would work nicely.)

So here’s to slowing down, tackling the to-do list one thing at a time, and letting my dreams of exciting and colorful future projects and endeavors wait until January, because I’m determined to pay attention to December before it’s gone. What are you working on this week?

(P.S. There’s just one more day to vote for your favorite name for my new holiday lotion bar scent! Check it out here. It’s a close race between Home for the Holidays and Jingleberry!)


10 thoughts on “WIPWed #76: Neutral

  1. I’m totally guilty of getting caught-up in plans and schedules. It’s really hard for me to manage things without them, especially during the holiday season. It’s good to be reminded to slow down. Relax. Enjoy. The new hat pattern is looking really beautiful! I hope you’re able to make it to the end of the year without losing sight of holiday cheer. I keep telling myself, that after this week is over, I’ll relax. πŸ˜€


  2. I like your thoughts on slowing down. But if I slow down anymore I will get no where!! I haven’t even gotten half of the presents purchased or thought through. But that’s my normal. Wait until the week before and then head out on 1 day to slay the dragon.


  3. I know, the days are just flying by. But I am sure that everything will get done and you will have time to relax. I can smell the holiday cookies baking as we speak.
    Also, loving that cowl. I am going to email you, because I would love to test it πŸ™‚
    And #spin15in15 is so clever!


  4. I really love your take on slowing down and being in the moment. I am definitely guilty of spending a fair amount of time getting ready for 2015. πŸ™‚ I myself don’t celebrate the holidays but I want this to be a time for reflection and gratitude so I need to get on that and scale back the planning.

    I love that cowl. Neutrals really appeal to me as they are timeless and elegant.


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