WIPWed #70: Schemes and Plans

I’m going to formally declare something that you may have already picked up on by my lack of speaking about it: I’m not knitting any Christmas gifts this year. *gasp!* *Shock and awe!* I know. I always knit gifts, many gifts, usually almost a dozen (or at least it feels like it) small knit gifts for everyone in my family. But I’ve decided to sit this year out because time has just gone too. dang. fast.

I finished last year’s final holiday gift in February. In March, I hurt my wrist and was unable to knit much until May. May – July, I was mostly consumed with wedding knitting and wedding-related tasks. I’ve only completed six non-wedding projects (SIX!) since finishing holiday knitting from last time… one cowl, one pair of socks, and four hats. Because of that dismal finishing rate, I just don’t have it in me to jump into a bunch more gift knitting right now. I’ve got about a zillion shawls and socks on the go that I’d like to actually wear sometime soon thankyouverymuch. And then there are the sweaters I’d like to knit myself, too. Thus, I’m declaring the holiday season of 2014 a bust, and making the knitting all about me me me.

I like a little structure to my knitting, though, so I’ll be coming up with a concrete plan of attack in the next few weeks. For now, I’m just grabbing the nearest UFO (unfinished object) and picking away at it until I can call it done. This week’s victim choice, was my Sweet Codex Shawl.

Woolen Diversions

SG Codex, colorway Lioness of Brittany

I’ve just finished the first skein and have moved on to the second, so I’m a bit more than halfway done with this shawl (which involves a significant fringe). While the yarn and pattern are lovely, it’s a little monotonous to work. This is definitely a ‘product knitting’ project for me, since I know I will wear the hell out of the finished piece but I am not particularly in love with the process right now.

It made good plane knitting, though, on my trip over the weekend. I flew out to California for a lovely wedding where I got to hang out with a bunch of my college friends in the woods for a few days. It was pretty great and I can officially say that I’ve seen and hugged a redwood. (Hover over the photos in the gallery below to see their caption and click to enbiggen.)

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend/week as well! What have you decided to do about the holidays? Are you knitting lots of gifts, some gifts, or no gifts?


5 thoughts on “WIPWed #70: Schemes and Plans

  1. I love the pics from your trip to California – it looks like it was a great time. I’ve made one gift so far – a toy giraffe for my sister – but I’m not planning to make any more. That doesn’t mean that I won’t get a wild notion to suddenly craft something for someone – that seems to be how it usually works for me 😀


  2. I hear you, I don’t knit many Christmas gifts at all- usually only one per year,. because otherwise there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I am knitting a sweater for a christmas gift this year, and I really nee dot get started soon! yikes. Good for you for keeping your knitting about you- you’ll appreciate it most of all!


  3. I always do a bunch of knitting around this time, but not for Christmas. They are usually gifts that are given just because and not for a special time. And it always seems to be hats, tons of hats! I would think all I love and know would be saturated with hats by now?


  4. what a fun weekend Alicia. I am not knitting any gifts this year except for knit guild secret santa. I just have too many other priorities and not enough money to spend on yarn.



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