Exactly Like That

You know when people say something “feels like being hit by a truck?” Well, that’s exactly how our post-honeymoon life has felt, especially since we were literally hit by a moving truck our first morning back in Rhode Island. Not fun, guys. Thankfully we were moving slowly and nobody was hurt but filing police reports and dealing with insurance claims is not a particularly pleasant way to transition back into ‘real life’.


The Fiasco inspecting the (hopefully) minor damage.

Blargghhh. In other news, our Costa Rican honeymoon was fabulous. It was truly incredible. Neither of us had ever been on an international trip before so it was extra exciting, full of adventure, and a real learning experience. Maybe that’s not what most people want for their honeymoon (relaxing, sunny, and decadent comes more often to mind) but it was perfect for us.


View of the Central Valley.

There were lovely mountain views.


A gorgeous plant.

There was incredible plant life of all shapes, sizes, and forms.


Typical Costa Rican casada.

There was lots of delicious food.


Adorable snuggly sloth.

There was an abundance of amazing wildlife.


A glimpse of the Caribbean Sea.

And there was just a bit of sunny splashing in the Caribbean Sea (it was the rainy season, so sunny days were unfortunately rare).


Honeymoon selfie!

The morning we were leaving I cried, I just didn’t want to go. The country is beautiful, the people were so friendly, and each day brought something new and wonderful into our lives. Now that I’m home, I’m trying not to be overwhelmed by all the little stressors that seem to be piling up around us. I’m trying to get back into the groove of things, to appreciate how much our cats missed us (lots of kitty snuggles), to prepare for upcoming Sweet Sheep shows, to take stock and prioritize, and to figure out how to best relate our adventures. I think I’ll replace my typical Inspiration Saturday posts for the next few weeks with posts about each of the three parts of our trip, to spread things out a bit and more quickly resume normal knitting and spinning-related blogging in the meantime. How does that sound?

I hope you all have been well! I’ll be playing blog catch-up for a while, but I’m looking forward to getting back in touch with the creative world again. This summer has passed by like a speeding train which means that fall is just around the corner, which always brings with it lots of knitterly goodness, so who wouldn’t be excited about that? I’m doing my best to take things one thing at a time and remember what they say in Costa Rica: pura vida (pure life)!


7 thoughts on “Exactly Like That

  1. Ouch what a shock 😦 glad to hear you’re ok. Lots to be grateful for, but still that sucks. Good idea to eke out the memory of holiday times, and make them last!


  2. Welcome back 🙂 Sorry to hear about your run in with the truck, but I hope the rest of your new life is going well. I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures! I can only dream of going to places like that someday.


  3. Congrats to you two! That sounds like a dream honeymoon. You two look so happy there too! My guess is that you’ll go back someday! Good luck getting everything in order!


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