Spinning Through It

Sometimes it’s easy to let a particular day (let’s call it “Monday”) kick your butt. It’s even easier when you have seemingly insurmountable deadlines, impending dentist appointments (never a good thing), and a nasty cold that just won’t quit. On such days, it’s incredibly difficult to find any time for fun or relaxation… when perhaps it is needed most.


Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin’ Whorl Club Masham, colorway Indigo Dreams.

That’s why I love spinning so much. When there is no time or brain space for dedicated crafting, spinning can still be done. Just a twirl or two of the spindle makes me feel infinitely batter. It lets me take an entirely futile day and spin it into something productive, something beautiful.


Louet Merino/Silk, part of my Spindle Experiment (click for link).

Spinning scratches the creative itch just enough and really only takes 5 minutes or so to significantly improve the tone of the day. It’s pretty magical that all it takes is a few minutes to remind myself that life is more than spreadsheets, sore teeth, and snotty noses. That’s some powerful, perspective-shifting therapy, don’t you think? Have you done any spinning today?

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10 thoughts on “Spinning Through It

  1. I haven’t done any spinning in quite some time. I need to dig out my stash and pull out one of my UFOs (Unfinished Fibery Object) and have it handy for spindling again. I miss it now! Thank you for reminding me of how soothing it can be!


  2. I’ve got some spinning that is haunting me at the moment. I have one last ply of a three ply socks yarn to spin. I want to knit the yarn, but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to spin the last bits. I’m hoping that the urge will come back once some of my knitting is off the needles. I think it is messing with the spinning mojo!

    Have you been knitting up any of your spinning lately? I’d love to see what your yarn grows up to be.


    • Oh dear, turns out I haven’t actually finished a knitting project from my handspun since October (where is the time going?!) but I have a couple skeins all wound up and ready to go once I find more time for knitting.


  3. You summarized the reason I love to spin! I am sorry that your recent Monday was kicking your butt (No one ever likes visiting the dentist…) but I love seeing the progress in your spinning 😛


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