Waiting, Waiting

This blog post comes to you courtesy of a doctor’s waiting room where I need to distract myself from the inane ‘morning talk show’ drivel broadcasting from a semi-functional television. (Kill me now, seriously.)

In other news, check out my Sweet Sheep lip balms! (Coming soon to the shop.) There are currently 7 flavors: passionfruit rose, lavender, spearmint, chocolate cupcake, toasted coconut, strawberry vanilla, and lemon lime. I played around with some display ideas for the RI Sheep and Fiber festival this Saturday. I think I like the way they look nestled in with a bit of Romney roving.


Thanks is due to my awesome Fiasco. He stuck labels on all 150 or so lip balms AND has spent a considerable amount of time applying shrink wrap to each tube. He’s a huge help, and does it all with a smile (usually)!


Now, if we could just get the weather to cooperate. I am not a fan of the forecast right now. Heavy rainfall will suck for my first vending experience. Anyone know an anti-raindance?


9 thoughts on “Waiting, Waiting

  1. Yeeeees your Instagram shots have been teasing me! I still have a coupon code for the lotion; now I have an excuse to order some lip balm too! I am so excited to try the lavender, I’ve never seen that in lip balm before.



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