Randomly This Thursday

Between there being only 9 days until the RI Sheep and Fiber Festival (Saturday May 17th!), late nights at the day job, thank-you-note-writing, and wedding-invitation-stuffing, not much knitting has been going on here. I’ve been elbow deep in beeswax and cocoa butter, cardstock and excel spreadsheets, stamps and envelopes — so I’ll just show you a bunch of random pretty things, sound alright?

IMG_64641. While I was gone last weekend, the Fiasco surprised me by cleaning the entire house top-to-bottom, organizing my office, and purchasing/painting/hanging shelves so I can store more of my lotion bars. Sometimes, that fella is just too sweet.

IMG_64742. My banner came in from Vistaprint! We’re edging closer and closer to being ready for the fiber festival.


3. I added a few new scents to the Sweet Sheep lineup! You can read more about them over at the Indie Untangled marketplace.

IMG_64774. Starting the contrast color on my Kelp-y Kelpie shawl has been the highlight of my knitting life lately, and actually represents the sum total of all of my knitting over the past week.

IMG_64595. I did receive some yarn in the mail, though! This is a lovely MCN sock yarn from June Pryce Fiber Arts, a local dyer/spinnger/knitter who will also be at the festival. I’ll be working with this base in a new design (once this fair is over!) and I’m excited to play around with the contrast colors.


6. To maintain my sanity, I broke down and started spinning something spring-y and colorful, just for fun. I’m going to try this as an opposing ply sock yarn. The fiber is from the February shipment of the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin’ Sock Club. It’s a 40% Merino / 40% Superwash Merino / 20% Tussah Silk blend that I am really enjoying, and I just adore the colors. Look away now if you are in the club and don’t want the April shipment to be spoiled for you!


Look away!




IMG_64627. The April shipment of the BMFA RWC arrived recently, too. It’s 8 oz of Masham wool dyed in a lovely colorway called Indigo Dreams. Masham is a longwool and is on the coarser side of things. I’m not quite sure how I’ll spin this one but I’m thinking maybe a loosely-spun single? Has anyone worked with Masham before?

IMG_64838. And finally, because I am apparently highly susceptible to Etsy suggestions, I snagged these pretty little batts from Inglenook Fibers when they went on sale. The maker is on vacation until June and I heard around Ravelry that she won’t be making as many batts as she used to so I’m glad I grabbed these when I did. The first batt I ever spun was from Inglenook and I enjoyed it immensely. Figured it was high time to snag another!

Now, if I could only borrow about a million more hours in each day, I’d have time to enjoy all of these lovelies!


7 thoughts on “Randomly This Thursday

  1. I sure could use a million more hours also, let me know when you find them. I love that last bat you just showed, too bad she’s slowing down 😦 I also LOVE your lotion bars. I hope they sell very very well at your fiber fest!


  2. As much as I enjoy seeing the product and the process of spinning, I’m glad I’ve never caught that particular bug. My bank account would never survive. Lovely yarn, lovely batts, lovely soaps!


  3. Ooh, coconut lime. o_o

    The Blue Moon fiber is absolutely beautiful! I love the clear, vibrant colors of the February fiber (it must have been a treat to see in the middle of dreary February!), and the deep, rich April colors just make me go “WANT”, even though I barely know how to spin. It will look gorgeous as a loosely spun single or any other way you spin it.



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