IS #71: Local Happenings

I don’t know what it is about this little state, but ever since I moved to Rhode Island, I’ve felt surrounded by craft-y goodness. Last weekend was Craftopia, a nice little craft fair organized by the owner of Rhodycraft in Pawtucket. Lots of different independent vendors to discover, lots of fun handmade items to covet. (Excuse my less-than-stellar cell phone photos, please.)


These necklaces made from real butterfly wings by Crystal Popko were a real eye-catcher. Aren’t they gorgeous?


I also really liked the simple lines and knit-stitch-like designs on the rustic ceramics made by Elizabeth Benotti.


This shirt from the Fraggles and Friggles shop is basically the cutest shirt in existence. (Get it? Those are cuttlefish!) I love me some science geekery, and Elizabeth’s shop is full of it, for sure.


I absolutely adored these small leather card holders by Shara Porter. The colors, designs, and display were just so appealing. I regret that I didn’t purchase one while I was there.


There was a surprising lack of handmade textiles at this festival.  The only artist working with something other than t-shirts or cotton bags was Heather Jeany, who took previously crocheted doilies and hand-dyed them to convert them into interesting statement jewelry.


This display needs no words, am I right? It’s just pure awesome. But to give credit where credit is due, these adorable faux dead things were created by Jen Bennett Gubicza. She makes non-dead things, too, but I really love that narwhal taxidermy piece. SUCH A CUTE DEAD THING!

I had a lot of fun checking out so many local artists making so many interesting things. I was especially inspired and paid close attention to displays at this show because Sweet Sheep Body Shoppe will be vending its first show in a couple of weeks! The Fiasco and I will be at the Rhode Island Sheep & Fiber Festival with lotion bars galore on Saturday, May 17th. If you’ve never been, RISF is a great little festival with lots of local yarn dyers, spinners, and other makers. It’s held at the gorgeous Coggeshall Farm Museum in Bristol. Please let me know if you’re planning to stop by, I’d love to meet you and say hello!

What’s your favorite way to discover new artists? What’s been inspiring you, lately? Let us know in the comments below!



9 thoughts on “IS #71: Local Happenings

  1. I’ve gone before…pretty much I’ve done most sheep and wool type events in ct, ri and mass…maybe I’ll come on the 17th…….am planning on the mass sheep and wool at the end of the month…just went to ct sheep and wool last Saturday in the pouring rain…..if you ever want to meet up to do a yarn crawl or something similar…let me know…


  2. Looks like a fun craft fair! I love the butterfly wing necklaces in particular (and I’m glad to see the corner of that sign explaining that they’re harvested safely). Best of luck vending at your first show!


  3. I didn’t even know about Craftopia! I’ll have to keep my eye out for next year. My fingers are crossed that a friend and I can go to the Rhode Island Sheep and Fiber Festival.



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