WIPWed #55: Experimental Swatches

My main knitting work-in-progress goal this week was swatching up four little skeins of experimental handspun. (Don’t forget to enter by Thursday night to win 8 oz of Louet Perendale fiber of your very own! Check this blog post for details.)

Twist Experiment Swatches:


knitting + science = awesome

They haven’t yet been blocked, but they will be A.S.A.P. so I can report back on my results by Friday. Each swatch was knit on the same size needles with the same patterns (7 ridges garter stitch, 10 rows stockinette, and a little lace-y rib pattern). I immediately noticed that the two opposing ply yarns (bottom row) were much plumper and knit up into larger swatches than the normal 2-ply yarns (top row). I’ll discuss more about why I think this is after I see how they block out.

Scummy Cedar Grove:


Blue Moon Fiber Arts De-Vine, colorway Pond Scum. Click for project page.

I picked up this shawl again this morning and literally just knit half a row so I could call it a WIP in good conscious and share it here. Perhaps that’s cheating, but I felt like so little knitting has been happening lately. Possibly because I almost forgot…

Boxed Wind:


Sanguine Gryphon Zaftig Bugga, colorway Box Jellyfish. Click for project page.

I knit a super quick Windschief hat for a good friend’s birthday last weekend. So quick, it didn’t even see the blog until it was gifted and gone. It lasted just long enough to make me super sad that the Zaftig yarn is discontinued, though. It’s scrumptious.

Speaking of good friends, that same friend went to Iceland with his knitterly husband recently. I pleaded that they bring me back some handknit mittens and boy, did they deliver:


Pretty, pretty mittens.

Could I knit myself lovely, fingering-weight, colorwork snowflake mittens? Sure, probably. Am I likely to do so anytime soon? NOPE. I have a terrible track record with finishing mittens and have no pressing desire to knit that much colorworkso I’m super happy to have this pair. They feel great and will be just the thing when it gets cold around here again. Plus, they came from Iceland, so they are extra awesome.

In a final bit of news, I added a new lotion bar fragrance to my Sweet Sheep Body Shoppe:


Are you drooling yet?

Lemon Cake! It smells exactly as you’d think it would: citrus-y, sweet, butter-y, cake-y, yummy. I also re-stocked a couple scents I had sold out of: Crisp Pear and Sandalwood Vanilla. I’m so happy that my bars have been receiving great feedback! A couple of  customers have been kind enough to write wonderful, 5-star reviews and a few others have sent me direct messages telling me how happy they are with their purchases. It’s thrilling! I’ve also created a Facebook page for the shop if you’d like to ‘like’ it and stay up-to-date with news and sales there.

Phew! Turns out I had more to chat about than I thought… Check out more WIPs at Tamis Amis and enjoy your Wednesday! (And don’t forget the Louet giveaway!)


9 thoughts on “WIPWed #55: Experimental Swatches

  1. You’re making me wish I was back in Iceland! There’s so much handknitted stuff for sale EVERYWHERE there, not that I could actually afford any. We’ve only been back from our holiday for a week and I’ve not quite adjusted to being home yet, sorry . . .


  2. Wow, those mittens are stunning. Your friends certainly came up trumps!

    I’m really intrigued by the swatches – what a difference a ply makes. Gauge is such a tricky beast, but it’s only when you look at a set like yours that you start to understand why yarns that are apparently the same weight can be so different. Fascinating stuff!


  3. Those mittens are a perfect example of “I could make that myself… but I probably never will!” I’d love to see the inside of them.

    Looking forward to seeing the swatches when they’re blocked, and off to check out your Etsy store.


  4. Those experimental swatches are so interesting to see. What a wonderful pair of mittens. But you are a good friend to gift him with a lovely Windschief. I have been using my lotion bar every day. Love the Turkish Mocha scent and the non-greasy feeling of the bar. Leaves my hands soft and yummy smelling. That new lemon cake scent is very tempting, though.


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