IS #70: Gorgeous Ginkgo

I came across this collection of patterns by yellowcosmo (a.k.a. Connie) a couple of weeks ago and was so floored by its beauty and simplicity, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it!

Copyright yellowcosmo. Click for pattern page.

Isn’t that shawl just gorgeous?! I love how Connie took the single design element of the ginkgo leaf and carried it through her entire collection. In the two-color shawl, it’s a subtle but beautiful insert in the lace edging.

Copyright yellowcosmo. Click for pattern page.

Similarly in the lace scarf, the ginkgo accent flows gently from the surrounding lace stitches.

Copyright yellowcosmo. Click for pattern page.

In the textured cowl, the ginkgo leaf takes on a center-stage, three-dimensional life of its own. (I am almost certainly going to purchase this pattern, if only to figure out exactly how that 3D effect was accomplished!)

Copyright yellowcosmo. Click for pattern page.

And in the stole, the ginkgo motif takes on an a bolder, almost geometric feel against the simple eyelet and stockinette background.

The collection also includes a couple of sweaters, but it was the accessories that really grabbed my attention. I feel like I don’t often come across a collection of patterns that makes such a beautiful, elegant, and unified use of a single motif. I love it.

Photo source: ucmp at Berkeley. Click to visit page.

Fun fact from my evolotionary plant biology class (so many years ago now, sad): Ginkgo biloba is the only living species of an ancient group of gymnosperms (related to conifers like pine trees) dating back hundreds of millions of years to the Permian era. It’s essentially a living fossil (like the horseshoe crab!) and I apparently have a soft spot for such relic species. Plus, its seeds smell like vomit or rancid butter–definitely something rotting–which is a pretty cool trait in the plant world, and an interesting juxtaposition with its refined, classy appearance.

What’s been inspiring you, lately? Let us know in the comments!IS


11 thoughts on “IS #70: Gorgeous Ginkgo

  1. I almost missed the gingko leaf in the first shawl! These are all lovely, but I think I like that one best.

    I’m always inspired by peacock-like colors or patterns.


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