IS #68: Ode to My Field Pants

I have these pants, see. I’ve had them for a full decade and there are more fond memories tied up in them than any other piece of clothing I own… but I think that today was their last outing.


Trusty old field pants.

They’re just cheap, lightweight nylon pants from Old Navy but they’ve been everywhere with me. They’ve been coated in mud from the cypress swamps of South Carolina.


First fieldwork, circa 2005.

They were the most comfortable pants to wear over my knee brace when I tore my ACL and had surgery in my last year at Cornell.

new 086

Rockin’ out, circa 2007.

They accompanied me on my move to Florida where I made new friends and explored new ecosystems.


My friend Candace and me in some palmetto scrub, circa 2008.

I basically lived in them underneath my waders for two straight summers while I surveyed the beaches of Connecticut for spawning horseshoe crabs. The first of those summers is when I met and fell in love with my Fiasco.


This shot was totally posed, btw. Either 2009 or 2010.

Basically, these pants and I have been through a lot together. Every field class in college, every summer spent outdoors, every hike, boat ride, and camping trip… they were there. They were stretchy enough to see me through a pretty wide range of sizes but now, this year — I’ve lost so much weight that I just can’t wear them anymore.


Baggy, baggy pants.

I’m nearly 70 pounds down and the only thing holding those suckers up is a cloth belt through three belt loops. They’re done and while I know that’s a really good thing, I’m still a little sad. I’m happy that our last outing involved a nice walk on a beautiful day and a siting of some harbor seals sunning themselves on rocks in Narragansett Bay.


That blob is a harbor seal on a rock.

And now it’s time to find new pants worthy of more adventures.

Do you have a particular piece of clothing (handmade or otherwise) that’s worth more to you than the sum of its parts? What’s been inspiring you lately? Leave a comment and share with us!



10 thoughts on “IS #68: Ode to My Field Pants

  1. RIP Pants. I have a drawer full of huge bras. Following surgery for breast cancer 2 years ago they are now obsolete. I hate to see them go. But your post has inspired me to find a bin bag, stuff it with underwear, and take it to the charity shop. RIP Bras.


  2. That is one of the bittersweet parts of weight loss, isn’t it? Perhaps there’s something you can ‘do’ with them to repurpose them? A sort of cargo tote bag? And congratulations, that kind of weight loss is a marathon all its own!



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