The Way It Goes

At the start of this whole wedding planning thing, I swore to myself that I would not become one of those obsessed people who got bogged down in the details and thought about nothing else. I believe I might have failed in my quest and it was the registry (the registry! of all things) that finally broke me.

You see, I’m a researcher. I thoughtfully consider every single outcome of every single decision I make (yup, welcome to hell). When it comes to shopping, I like to know what I’m purchasing, see what reviewers thought of it, compare brands, models, and prices, and generally do my best to ensure that what I’m spending my hard-earned money on is something that I both 1) really want and 2) believe is a good value. This compulsion for efficient, thoughtful shopping is apparently magnified by a million when I’m putting together a list of suggestions of what other people  might spend their hard-earned money on for us. I managed to squeeze the whole registry ordeal into just three days but man what a three days those were. I’m still mad that I lost a large chunk of a night’s sleep over table linens.


Yes, linens. We’re talking PLACEMATS, people. But they had to match the dishes, and not be boring, and potentially coordinate with the nonexistent walls of my future dining room, and look nice on our nonexistent dining room table of unknown wood color during the elaborate dinner parties we will undoubtedly throw once we’re married. Obviously. Except I couldn’t find any linens that both matched the dishes and wouldn’t be boring. I like color and pattern and texture and none of those things were working with the dishes I also loved. Then I had a stroke of genius: I could save the elegant, boring linens for those (certainly forthcoming) special occasion dinner parties and then MAKE MY OWN fun ones for every day use out of yarn that will MATCH PERFECTLY because I am a knitter (and fledgeling zoom loom weaver) and I have the power to MAKE IT SO. Now that I think about it, it’s probably not that weird that a fiber artist would care so much about what her table linens looked and felt like… right?

Nah… I’m probably still crazy. I was, after all, stressing out over coordinating items that I do not even own with rooms (and a life) that I do not currently have. But no more — the registry is done and reading this book has been a fabulous reminder that it is our neuroses that make life funny and interesting and  some (like the Yarn Harlot) can even profit from revealing their quirky inner workings for all the world to see:


Her newest book isn’t even about knitting but oh, I love it so. It’s chock full of essays about a variety of those extraordinary moments that make up ordinary, everyday life. I’m halfway through already and must’ve laughed out loud at least a dozen times. She might be my favorite person-I’ve-never-met. She’s certainly right up there with Jason Mraz, Margaret Atwood, and Terry Pratchett in the list of people I wish I could have a chat with over tea someday because I like the way their brains work.

Now if only my brain could go back to working like a normal person’s like it did pre-wedding planning, that would be great. I could really use more sleep.


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