Dresses and Joy

I had a rather productive weekend! First, I found a wedding and dress, and second, I finished some socks! As I mentioned, I was kinda dreading the dress shopping thing and quite frankly, you could tell. While going through all the photos of all the dresses I tried on, I was highly amused by my facial expressions. I call this collage “The Many Faces of Dress Shopping”:


But, as the middle photo suggests, I found a dress that works and was strong-armed into buying an overpriced veil (by my mom) and I’m pretty happy about it all. It was super helpful having my mom, my aunt, and my friends there — they really helped me sort through what I was thinking and made the process more fun. Although that hasn’t stopped me from having dress-shopping-related nightmares. I think because I only spent 2 weeks thinking about the dress and 2 visits trying dresses on, I’m stressing out that I didn’t get the right one. And when I look at photos of some of the poofier, more elaborate and more ‘bridal’ gowns, I wonder if I should have gotten one of those. But then I look at the photos of me in my lightweight, flowey bridesmaid’s dress and remember how comfortable I was in it and I feel better about it. There’s a lot of weird pressure caught up around the wedding dress, guys. It’s kinda messed up. People buy keepsake sketches of their gowns, take those weird ‘creepy floating dress’ portraits as if the gown (and not the woman in it) matters, and spend thousands and thousands (and thousands) of dollars on something they will wear for literally 5 hours. I just don’t get it. I like pretty things as much as the next gal but… priorities. Anywho, onto more fun things!


BMFA Socks that Rock, colorway Comfort & Joy

I feel like a ‘Hallelujah!‘ is in order because this is the first pair of socks I’ve finished for myself in a year and a half, since September 2012! That is far too long to go without new socks. It was a Rockin’ Sock Club kit from 2011. I loosely followed the pattern (Joy by A. Karen Alfke) for the i-cord cuff and the linen stitch heel, but I customized the ribbing pattern and did a half linen stitch toe.


I wish I had made the i-cord on top longer with more exaggerated ‘festoons’ because when the sock is worn it stretches out and you loose the neat wiggly effect you can see in some of the other photos on the project page. Other than that, I’m very happy with them because they’re new and they’re done!

I also received my Rockin’ Whorl Club fiber for February. If you don’t want to be spoiled, you should look away now!


Right now!



BMFA Rockin’ Whorl Club Super Silky Merino, colorway Spring Fever

This fiber looks so sweet and delicious, I could almost eat it! It’s a blend of 40% extra fine Merino, 40% superwash Merino, and 20% bleached tussah silk. Tina suggests that this fiber would make excellent socks and I think that’s what I’ll likely try, when I am able to get around to it. For now I’m just petting it because it’s delightful.

I hope you all had excellent, productive, and joyful weekends!


6 thoughts on “Dresses and Joy

  1. Obviously by not spending crazy amounts of money on a dress, you can spend more on yarn, right? At least that’s how I think dress shopping should go 🙂


  2. Priorities – knitting socks and buying yarn. Haha Well I am glad you found your dress, I am sure it is the right one! And yay to finished socks as well!


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  4. The first dress I fell in love with was $1500 (well and there was one that was thousands in a magazine), so I kept looking. I shopped for 6 weeks. The dress I ended up with was $250 and I was lucky enough to wear it off the rack. I didn’t love it as much as the $1500 one (although the one I got probably looked better on bc it wasn’t strapless), but it’s almost 14 years later and I’m not sure I even remember what the more expensive one looked like on. I have no regrets. 🙂 The person you’re marrying is the most important thing. 🙂 and being comfortable and not spending an arseload of money are important too (imo).

    Good job on the sock finish. How pretty is that fiber?!?!

    ps. My veil was overpriced too. 🙂 (and I’m hoping this doesn’t make it sound like I’m making it all about me, I’m hoping my experience makes you feel better 🙂 )


  5. The whole wedding dress thing sounds out of control. It’s just a dress! You did the right thing by sticking with your inner bride and buying the one that felt right to you. Katie is right: the only thing that matters is the person you are marrying!


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