FOFri #27: The Fiasco Gets His Socks

Oh, my Fiasco. So patient, so loving, so appreciative of knitwear, and so often neglected when other knitted gifts or deadlines are nigh. However, he is neglected no longer! This past Valentine’s Day he finally got one item of knitwear he’s been wanting for sooooooo looooong and another that he didn’t know he desperately needed until he had it.

Ribby & Blue:


BMFA Socks That Rock Heavyweight, rare gem colorway. Click for project page.

I started these socks way back in August thinking “Good for me, I’ll have plenty of time to finish these for Christmas”… yeah. Not so much. But, better late than never. Since I was getting some really fabulous pooling with this colorway, I kept the stitch pattern simple with a swirling 3×3 rib that transitioned to a standard 3×3 rib after the heel. Nothing too fancy but I like the results.


Another glamour shot for good measure.

The poor guy hasn’t had a new pair of socks since I finished my Fiasco pattern sample in April 2012, so it was definitely time. Hopefully this pair will keep him happy for a little while! 😉

The Fiasco’s New Hat:


Feederbrook Farm Shetland/Alpaca. Click for project page.

My man is rough on his hats. His last hat, made out of baby alpaca, is pilled and fuzzed beyond recognition. He tosses his hats in the car, tramples them on the floor, stuffs them in pockets, whips them off his head, fills them with his gloves and smooshes them into the sleeve of his coat, etc. etc. I made this new hat as thick, warm, and tough as I could so hopefully it’ll wear longer. I used a very farm-y yarn I got at Rhinebeck a couple of years ago, knit a doubled-up brim so it is extra warm, and used a tight gauge. I added a garter stitch accent so that it would match his new gloves and I went for longer than I felt like I should before decreasing so that it would be long enough to fit his gigantic head the way he likes. I’ve knit him what I think is — dare I say it? — the perfect hat. Let’s hope it lasts!

It feels good to have (finally) finished up the last of the gifts I had planned. I checked my Ravelry project page and of the 29 projects I’ve completed over the last 4.5 months (since October), only 4 of them were for me! That makes me an 86% unselfish knitter. I’ve had enough of that craziness, back to knitting for me, me, me for a while now! Check out more FOs at Tamis Amis.


9 thoughts on “FOFri #27: The Fiasco Gets His Socks

  1. Not one but two handknits for Valentine’s? He’s a lucky guy! You did an amazing job with both projects. Especially love all the clever things that you came up with in order to make that hat hopefully indestructible. My hubby is the same way with his hats, so I will keep them in mind for his next hat.


    • Oh boy, design samples are tough. On the one hand, they’re for your own benefit (eventually) but they’re still potentially-stressful deadline knitting that you don’t always get to wear, so I’d say they could certainly qualify as unselfish since they’re not ‘just for fun’ knitting.



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