A Bit of News & a Sale!

Happy Tuesday, all. I wrote a guest post for Sarah’s Spinning Show & Tell over at the Crafts from the Cwtch blog, check it out! I did a little experiment with different fiber preps and drafting styles to see firsthand the differences between worsted and woolen yarns. It was a lot of fun!


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In other news, since it’s my birthday week, all of my patterns on Ravelry are 29% off from today through the end of January. (This sale is going to get better for you with each passing year!) No coupon code is needed, just add to your cart and the discount will be applied.


My Ravelry pattern store, click for link.

As you might remember, I’m in the process of rebranding and improving the layout of all of my existing patterns. If you’ve had your eye on something, I encourage you to grab it now, as I will be adjusting the prices of some of my patterns in February to better reflect my future pricing structure and the work that has gone into them. If you purchase a pattern now, you will receive the updated version on Ravelry as soon as I upload it, so no worries about that! And as always, thank you for all of your support. 🙂


10 thoughts on “A Bit of News & a Sale!

  1. Hello Alicia, I just read your post at Sarah’s. I’m the newest beginner you possible can immagine. But I am very interested in any piece of information. So I ordered the magazine you are recommending in the article. Can’t wait to get it! Have a nice week. Regula


    • Thanks for stopping by, Regula! I found the article to be very helpful, I hope you do, too! Other good spinning resources The Intentional Spinner by Judith McCuin and anything by Abby Franquemont (her blog, her youtube videos, her books).


  2. I just read your post – wow what help! I am saving it for later. I have always been trying to establish the difference between the 2 types of yarns you spin, but could never quite get it. Thank you!

    And Happy Birthday !


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  4. I had a look at your guest post and I have to say that it was wonderful. Although I’ve worked at a mill and understood the difference between woolen and worsted, I didn’t know how you would go about getting those effects in hand spinning. Your pictures really helped me understand. Thanks!


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